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Watch Kerry Washington Dish On ‘Real Time’ w/ Bill Maher

Watch Kerry Washington Dish On 'Real Time' w/ Bill Maher

If you missed Friday night’s all-new episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Ms Scandal/Olivia Pope herself – Kerry Washington – was one of the 3 panelists this week. 

It’s a Sunday, and also since Kerry Washington has been at the center of impassioned Scandal conversation on this site, in the last week, and also, after all the talk that Barack Obama didn’t “show up” for the first presidential debate against Mitt Romney, which made up the bulk of the panel discussion on this episode of Real Time, I thought I’d share it. 

Watch Kerry hold her own with the gents; there’s even been some rumor that she might be looking ahead to a potential career in politics in the future, given how involved and engaged she is in the process. The panel starts around the 13:45 mark, if you want to skip ahead.

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It's pointless to have a discerning point of view on this site. The wise disciples are so fucking rude in response. None of the manure they typed out either answers your question or accounts for the useless YouTube link included here. But in the end, evidence of a decent hit count is all that matters.

John Smith

I think that Obama blew the debate on purpose… It seems so out of character.


No offense but perhaps we are getting to a point on this site where too much info that has nothing to do with the arts gets posted. This is not an attack directed towards Courtney because it ain't just her. I realize Kerry Washington is an actress who works on TV and in film, but is the criteria becoming that any famous black person who appears on TV merits some mention? And I ask this even though I share Kerry Washington's political point of view.


she held her own. very smart woman

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