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Watch: Presidential Debate Presents Fiery, Much More Promising Extended TV Spot For ‘Lincoln’

Watch: Presidential Debate Presents Fiery, Much More Promising Extended TV Spot For 'Lincoln'

Now, this is more like it. While the DreamWorks marketing team continues to try to get a handle on how to present Steven Spielberg‘s “Lincoln” (memo: those live tech talks on faded social networks aren’t working), they definitely nailed it with this new extended TV spot (which is essentially a new trailer) for the film.

Fiery, impassioned and rightly putting Daniel Day-Lewis front and center, this new spot immediately diminishes whatever doubts we may have had after that first, wishy-washy, John Williams soaked trailer last month. While Obama and Romney duked it out, this spot unspooled, emphasizing that no president has had it easy, and when it came to abolishing slavery, Lincoln faced an uphill battle all the way. DDL looks like the Oscar contender he’s always been shaping up to be, while the supporting cast — particularly Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairn and Sally Field — look very good as well. Our only worry is that this might be the movie equivalent of watching a handsomely staged and much more interesting debate, but again, it’s hard to get nuance in the space of two minutes.

Did this trailer turn you around on the movie? What do you think of “Lincoln” now? And how come Obama didn’t drop that 47% thing into his debate? Let us know below. 

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There are so many amazing actors in this. I can't wait!! It looks great.


The big winner of this oscar. Looks EPIC


I thought DDL had already won an Oscar?

Sophie@ AV4Home


I still think the best casting choice is Jared Harris as Grant. He's the perfect actor to portray a drunken and bloody competence. Hope it is a sizeable role.


What….the HELL…was THAT?!? That was AWFUL! It's like a fake joke trailer somebody cut as a parody! Garbled, confusing, hilariously lacking any subtlety, trying to cover way too much ground, and it looked exactly like every other bad modern movie trailer, except worse. And anybody who prefers that generic thriller-movie music to John William's sweeping Americana, just, does not get it.

My only consolation is that Spielberg clearly had nothing to do with this–it must have been cut by one of the ad agencies now that almost all movie trailers are handed off too and who make these painfully safe, formulaic, groaningly predictable trailers that have virtually erased interesting coming attractions from movie screens.


This looks excellent. Loving DDL's voice–far more accurate than the usual TV versions where Lincoln has a really deep, melodious voice. Also, Sam doesn't know what he's talking about. This film isn't about Lincoln's early years or something, it's about the last couple months of his life where he very definitely did fight to pass the 13th Amendment that would abolish slavery permanently, extending throughout the nation what the Emancipation Proclamation had decreed only across the unoccupied South. There are plenty of other holes/flaws in his comment, but I'll leave it at that.


DDL "now, now, NOWWW" ohhh man spine tingling! Very moving. I think the sleeper in this film (if there is one to begin with) is Sally Field! I def see hints of greatness in her role that may shall I say steal scenes from DDL….its very possible. But there is no OVER ACTING as I've read all over from critics of the trailers…no absolute wayyyy! And for his accent. OHHH ITS SOLID! Very specific & he's def CONSISTENT which is key. However w/ that being said… I just dont like it lol. I think its amazingly rehearsed & perfected BUT I just dont see Lincoln having that kind of voice…But I will say it def passes no q's about it


It has some good moments, but overall it does come across as fluff. Even the beginning of the spot was a little too overdone. I'm a commie-loving leftie, but Spielberg was really trying TOO HARD to do the "liberal thing" where he HAS TO put a pic of MLK in there, and even that would've worked a litte better if he didn't pile on almost TV movie-style cliche shots of 9/11, Mandela (who was even on the US terrorist list until 2010) and even Iowa Jima. This will just be pop history fluff without the more honest details as "Sam" described below.


God, what revisionist history. It's well documented that initially, Lincoln had no interest in abolishing slavery. It was done to spread northern capitalism to the south (slave holders were an impediment to this). But hey, let's just glorify him and make him seem like a hero. History, Spielberg style. Most Americans don't know jack shit about American history (only what they were taught in high school) so the hard facts will mostly go unaddressed.

Edward Davis

Not convinced of DDL's accent at all.


Wow. No doubts anymore from me- this movie will be amazing.

Antoine LaFramboise

Agreed! This is what I was looking for! This trailer gave me chills especially the end w DDL stating I'm the president.


DDL is the man!

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