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Watch Teaser Trailer For First Ever Scripted Movie About Tupac

Watch Teaser Trailer For First Ever Scripted Movie About Tupac

You know, we over here at S & A are, of course, constantly bombarded with requests from filmmakers to post something about their latest film, hoping to get the word out. Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t.

Than again, once in a while, something comes along that we absolutely cannot resist; like, for example, this project.

There have been many stories and articles about rumored films about Tupac, like, for example, Antoine Fuqua’s long delayed project. But while Tupac film projects have been struggling to get off the ground, Texas based indie filmmaker Noah Mortel, went ahead and has made his own film about the legendary rapper, scheduled for release in 2013.

The thing is, I really couldn’t find out much about this project or Mortel, and he wasn’t telling, except that he has a few previous short films under his belt. Hopefully more details will come out later.

So In the meatime, here is the teaser trailer for his Tupac film.

I leave it up to those who really know Tupac to make your comments:

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Wrong dude lookin nothin like PAC wtf


Fuck this move its a disgrace


This is some total Bullshit…… you really think anyone will pay too see this crap im white for god sakes and i look more like Tupac them this guy…. the guy is even rapping off key tupac just rolled over in his grave cause this is bullshit


First off I mean no disrespect to any of the people that work hard and did their very best on this project…. but get the F*** out of here… I only seen the little trailer but unless that trailer is the fake trailer for Juice or a reactment in the Real movie, He deserve SO MUCH BETTER….. THIS IS TUPAC we talking about come on now, Him @ Coachella… I'd rather watch a 3D replica than that Guy he looks nothing like him and he lip singing off key…

fatah makaveli

one PAC …one LIFE ..(THUGLIFE)

U fucking assholes will fuck up pac's name with this crap bs movie with an ugly ass actor that doesnt even look like pac i look more like pac then this prick shit this is some bullshit!!


This is stupid and it don't even look like the great tupac shakur


Wow, this is pathetic… ballsy, but pathetic.

ojie king

Trailer looks cheap. But,i am intrigued to watch the guy as 2pac


Debbie Downer wants her smirk back, but it won't leave my face. WTF! Why do we need a bio about a thug gangster rapper. Talking about a step back.


I try my best not to speak negative about my fellow brothers and sisters trying to do their thing , but this looks terrible.



D.C. Kirkwood

I don't think so. This has to be a joke. Please post this on FunnyOrDie!!!! So sad.


Are they serious with this???


Let's get real here… this is NOT the TUPAC film that Hollywood is making.

Stay tuned… it's coming.


What in the blue #$% is going on here? Is this a joke? I thought this was going to be a full scale BIO PIC and when it disappeared I just thought it was on hold and now it feels like its going to be a straight to dvd joint. I'm SO disappointed with what I just saw. Whoever the writer director is, I mean NO disrespect at all, its just that Biggie got a full scale theatrical movie so with the legend of TUPAC beings SO HUGE and with him being SO POWERFUL I just KNEW that he'd get one too and this just doesn't seem to be it. I will however still go see it.

maurice emel

In all honesty, I saw nothing of interest here, that being said, I love 2pac so much I'd still watch this movie on GP. At least somebody is doing something on the man, he definitely needs his story told.

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