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Watch: Trailer For Nicholas Sparks’ ‘Safe Haven’ Will Manipulate Your Heart Into A Soggy Organ Of Tears

Watch: Trailer For Nicholas Sparks' 'Safe Haven' Will Manipulate Your Heart Into A Soggy Organ Of Tears

It’s almost that time again… Arriving like clockwork, it seems every year or so we get another Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation (in 2010 we were lucky enough to get two movies based on his books!). And for his fanbase that likes to hear a variation on the same mediocre, manipulative story over and and over and over and over again, “Safe Haven” will be a warm, vanilla pillow of familiarity and fake emotion.

The first trailer has arrived and it lays out all you need to know. She’s a beauitful young woman (Julianne Hough, who is apparently 4 feet tall) running from a dark past who has trouble trusting people. He’s a handsome, safe, nice, single parent and pretty much the perfect guy (Josh Duhamel), who also runs a… bait shop? Anyway, everything is going well until someone from her aforementioned dark past returns to her life. Can she endure more heartbreak? Will he provide the safe haven (OMG THE MOVIE TITLE) that she needs? Could that Fleetwood Mac cover be any worse? Cue strings and tears!

Find out the answers to all the questions and more when you go with all your besties to see this on February 8th. Bring hankies and hugs.

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Huh? Is Julianne Hough really 4-ft tall? Really?


God, I hate the phrase "Safe Haven". It's a redundancy, like "formulaic Nicholas Sparks movie".


Kevin, I don’t understand. Granted, Nicholas Sparks movies usually suck, but the movie hasn’t even come out yet. Your article sounds like its written by the sixteen year old girls who go see these movies. I respect our rights to have our own opinions, but show some professionalism when in your writing. The "OMG'S" and blatant hate makes you no better than Gabe Toro. And I agree with @C below, Lissie is great. Have you seen her cover of Pursuit of Happiness? Amazing!


How dare you condemn Lissie (who sang the Mac cover) like that. Do yourself a favor, and actually Youtube Lissie before you talk smack. She's is one of the most powerful female vocalist and performers I've ever come across. A true powerhouse.

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