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Watch: Trailer For The $100 Million 3D Fiasco ‘Empires Of The Deep’ Starring Olga Kurylenko

Watch: Trailer For The $100 Million 3D Fiasco 'Empires Of The Deep' Starring Olga Kurylenko

We prophesized this film might be the most unintentionally hilarious 3D movie ever made, and it seems that prediction is coming true. Announced with great fanfare more than two years ago as a $100 million (though it’s apparently much more than that) Chinese 3D movie production with the “Avatar” 3D camera operator Anthony Arendt lending his talents to the production, with Michael French and Jonathan Lawrence co-directing, word on the movie has been pretty much zilch since. However, it should be noted that Pitof (of the notorious “Catwoman” fame) was originally attached with Monica Bellucci in the lead, and we can’t imagine he could have done much worse.

The first trailer has finally arrived and it looks incredibly, unbelievably awful. With all the money spent, this looks cheap and woefully put together, with the talented Kurylenko left to flounder in cast of nobodies in a silly underseas adventure, with truly shoddy special effects. James Cameron might want to get Arendt to stop advertising his association with “Avatar,” and basically, no one is coming out of this looking remotely good.

We’ll bet money this never sees a proper stateside release because we can’t imagine anyone is going to pay to distribute this thing. Maybe one day when you’re traveling in Europe, some obscure video store will have it on BluRay for a few euros plus a free sandwich. Get ready to be amazed below. [Twitch]

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MG, people, are you really that stupid? Quality of the story aside, the 3D renderings in the trailer are obviously NOT FINISHED. This is an internal preview, a work in progress, an incomplete, fast rendering. I'm sure the end result will be much more visually compelling.

Grow up people!

Lord Colostomus Baggington III

i'm sure the Syfy Channel will pick it up if they cant get a deal.. LOL. looks right up their cheese-paved alley.

Jessie Halfpipe

Good Lord… This looks like the biggest waste of money since… well, the last Uwe Boll "masterpiece". Horrific.

Bruce N. Goren

Starfish Wars!


Such an awesome idea, and even visually compelling. Till the acting and bad cgi kick in, sigh…. I sense another Carter of Mars fail. :( Why do they let bad directors handle good story ideas?


Showgirls: Under The Ocean.


Man, what is wrong with you guys? That movie looks awesome, and the videogame-like appearance of the cgi and animation is obviously intentional. Can you imagine being really high and watching a 3d video game movie on the silver screen?

It's okay for some movies to be nothing more than theme park rides, because that entertains a great many people.


"Horrendous" – M.


"Horrendous" – M.


"Horrendous" – M.




They could of just spliced in some video off Youtube of someone playing World of Warcraft.


That's some pretty bad CGI. They could of just spliced in some video off Youtube of someone playing World of Warcraft.


Neat concept for a movie. If I was a film maker I would have already been working with a concept like this. A story quite similar about an underwater civilization has been on my mind. I even tried to write a chapter for it.


Mais qu'est ce que c'est que cette merde ? Seems like a video game. Poor Olga Kurlylenko. Come back in France!


Why go to Europe to purchase the cheap BluRay, hilarious. I knew well about the preparition of Pitof about this project, since the end of 2008. He traveled to some fucking beautiful places in China instead of staying in his Beijing studio. Since the actual done version must be done sooner or later, and must be awful, why not by him.


Bah, I thought for a moment it might have been purposefully dramatic and staged like 'Curse of the Golden Flower' or 'House of Flying Daggers' even something in Bollywood. If this trailer is any indication they need to go back and look at water dynamics (for starters) even the mermaids from that new Caribbean pirate movie moved WAAAAYYYY better than these. Then again it COULD be done on purpose but I really don't see why they'd want it all to look that stiff, tech is a lot better now and I know low-budget indy games that have better graphics than that. Those use much better fonts and font effects too. I think a lot of that money went to costuming and paying dancers, it shows, those look great and I can sort of see where they were wanting to go with this. It's the effects that are holding it back. Tell a GREAT story with no graphics and then just add touches here and there to emphasize the action. With Avatar, yeah, the story was dry but it was rescued by the gorgeous VFX Cameron used and the awesome actors. I hope they [EoTD] realize this.


Wow, that was godawful.


Sea Monkeys…The Movie! Someone's got to put this trailer on Youtube with "Unda Da Sea" playing. It would be epic.


Actually, it would have been pretty cool for something on television. Some parts are interesting to look at, but some of it looked like amusement park ride levels. Overall, it's an interesting idea. By the way, if they did it like things really move underwater, we might be looking at three hours of floating dirt and dust instead of a movie. Water physics here are being subdued by fantasy/drama needs.


Actually, it would have been pretty cool for something on television. Some parts are interesting to look at, but some of it looked like amusement park ride levels. Overall, it's an interesting idea. By the way, if they did it like things really move underwater, we might be looking at three hours of floating dirt and dust instead of a movie. Water physics here are being subdued by fantasy/drama needs.


It looks like the staging of a cirque du soleil show but without any of the great acts, stunts, music or tricks. The theme would actually make sense as a stage version of cirque du soleil out in Vegas. literally looks like a stage show on film.


That CG looks like Scifi channel movie graphics from about 6 years ago. For such a high budget, you'd imagine it'd be a tad better.


Another thing. Did anybody working on this film bother to watch any video of how things move under water? Or did they even care? Anyhoo…


Haters! This is a fantasy film! In that context, it looks awesome! Let's see YOUR movie, arm chair haters!

Justin D.

That has to be fake. It looked too awful to be the trailer for a real movie.


Saw the trailer. Need to take a shower.


I don't think it looks that much more ridiculous or worse than the "quality" CGI animation that everyone says is so wonderful. My first thought was this looks like a Del Toro movie without the filters/color correction/teal-orange palette.


Oh please, please, please release this in the states!!!! It looks soooo crappy and great! Also, I think they stole her hat from the cover of Wildseed by Octavia Butler.


It looks like someone posted the trailer for the latest installment in the Dungeons and Dragons series by mistake.


Where's Ralph Bakshi when you need him. Rotoscope the live actors and release this as a pure animation film and it might appeal to….someone.


Anybody else feel like going to Red Lobster?


I've seen worse a long time ago. Try watching "Message from Space". 34 years between MfS and this one, and that's what immediately came to mind. That's bad … REAL bad.


I didn't quite like the trailer, and the story line sounds a bit lame. However, I actually kinda admire the costuming.


They probably spent 20 million on the font alone and 50 M on those crabs.


Doesn't look that much worse than Prometheus was…
At least it's hilarious.


They didn't spend USD$100 million on this damn show, insiders from China confided on me about this piss poor amateurish project. You can cut one digit off the announced budget and that's their real production cost, actually speaking.


Wowwwwwww… where did that 100 million go? On the crab man effects I bet…..many people lost their jobs after this…this makes John Carter look like Apocalypse Now


This makes Scorpion King look like a best special effects oscar winner. wow that was awful!!!


You folks give too much credit to American film distributors. I can see a bottom feeder like Harmony Gold grabbing this one for distribution if the price is right. When it does hit the obscure cineplex several thousand slack jawed movie goers will pay to see it. Unfortunately. It is a testament to pathetic tent pole films Hollywood has released lately like Battleship and John Carter where accountant executives try to play movie mogul for a brief moment….


I was going to say that they used to be allowed to make horrible fantasy movies that failed miserably, so where's the big deal? After watching the trailer, I have to say that cheap digital effects simply cannot be excused like some cheap sci-fi star wars knock off from the eighties might have been.


The ugly font alone makes it look like a cheap turkey.

Steve Chaput

It looks like some cheap Italian sword & sandal flick from the Sixties, with FX from some early Xbox game. Might be worth renting from Netflix or something for a fun night, but I can't see a distributor picking this up for theatres. This is why 3-D is going to be a fad yet again.


100 million????…but where??


It looks like a trailer for an XBOX game… Back when XBOX was, like, first coming out and people weren't good at doing effects yet…


Haha WOW. When I first saw photos of the costumes in this film, I thought it might be some intentionally wacko, amazing Matthew Barney styled art piece. I didn't realize it was a 100 million dollar Syfy Channel movie. I'm going to get SO drunk for this.


I think this trailer's worse offence is that it makes the trailer for Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2 actually epic.


Yeah, that looks like straight-up animation. Wow.

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