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Watch: Trailer For Weinsteins ‘Seal Team Six’ (aka ‘Code Name: Geronimo’); Will Air On TV 2 Days Before The Election

Watch: Trailer For Weinsteins 'Seal Team Six' (aka 'Code Name: Geronimo'); Will Air On TV 2 Days Before The Election

While Universal and Kathryn Bigelow ducked brewing controversy around their upcoming “Zero Dark Thirty” by moving the film from its previously planned release date this month to December 19th, to avoid any charges that they were trying to influence voters over to Team Obama, Harvey Weinstein is stepping right into the fray. Earlier this year, The Weinstein Company picked up “Code Name: Geronimo“—a sort of budget version take of the same material—and now their planning to launch the subtly retitled “Seal Team Six: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden” one day before election. No one does it like Harvey…

Directed by John Stockwell, the movie has the kind of cast you might guess would be assembled by the guy who made “Turistas,” with the host of “Pimp My Ride,” Finch from “American Pie” and the eternally cast and never remembered Cam Gigandet among the “names.” Oh yeah, William Fichtner is in this too. But then again, he’s in everything. Anyway, the first trailer has dropped and you know those YouTube vids of kids remaking popular trailers? It’s kind of like that. This is basically beat for beat like Bigelow’s film but with a much, much smaller budget, less talent in every area and a general feeling of a military training video made by interns.

Harv paid $2 million for this—really—but has decided that it should have its world premiere on November 4th on the National Geographic Channel because, you know, history. Did he overspend on this? See for yourself below. [Deadline]

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Meh. This somehow looks faintly ridiculous. "The most dangerous covert operation in history?" Really? The story's compelling enough already, why sensationalize it?

Stevo the Magnificent

Hope they mention had it not been for the counter-terrorist apparatus President Bush and Vice President Cheney oversaw during their terms of office, the current administration would never have got UBL in the first place…

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