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What Daytime TV Shows Are African Americans Watching Most? (Chart)

What Daytime TV Shows Are African Americans Watching Most? (Chart)

A new chart courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. A cleaner version below.

I’ll just say that I don’t watch ANY of these shows; certainly not with any regularity. It’s probably been at least a decade (maybe more) since I last actually turned my TV on to watch Maury or Jerry Springer; I actually thought both shows were off the air, and were in re-runs. I guess not.

Just look at the chart – black audiences ALONE make up about 50% of the viewership for both shows. 

Wendy Williams and Trisha Goddard I can kind of understand (even if only because they are both black women), although I’m not a viewer of either show – each clocking over 55% black viewership. 

And who’s Jeremy Kyle? I’d never heard of the fellow before today. So I looked him up, and, of course, his in the same mold as Springer, Maury, Goddard, with his DNA tests, lie detector tests, fights between guests, and all the usual dysfunctions.

We just love that shit, don’t we? Just look at the shows that we watch in bulk; Aside from Wendy Williams and Steve Harvey, whose shows are more general variety shows, the others are mostly what would be referred to as low-brow: Maury, Springer, Kyle, Wilkos, and Goddard.

It all makes me feel like I’m totally out of touch.

So, what’re you guys watching?

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I thought Maury and Springer were long gone too, and don't recall hearing of Trisha or Jeremy Kyle before now. I'm curious what the other 82% of daytime viewers are watching.


black americans as all americans are socialized into dumbness. Whites are too. White people put their BEST foot forward on television. In real life ESPECIALLY, rural whites; they are as trifling and NASTY as they wanna be. It is not so much what ex-slave blood is watching BUT what current MASTERS are feeding them. And please don't say look at the HISTORY channel. Because most of it is STRAIGHT LIES, OMISSIONS AND MIS-INFORMATION.


I'm black and I don't watch any of those shows listed, why not just say, What Daytime TV Shows some African Americans are watching.


@ALM – I can kinda deal with Wendy even though I never watch it, but I just feel we need damage control shows. They don't have to be uplifting and preachy but something along the lines of the Documentary DETROPIA something that opens eyes and informs. I just feel those baby mama shows are so derogatory for people of color and very depressing. I would even do a Prison Success story about those who exited the system and made a complete transformation to a new life a decent one or one that is role model worthy.

Maybe I am asking for too much


Have to agree with Rodney. Most people are at work during the times these shows air, so the demo watching are unemployed, disabled, or retired. It's good escapism tv and there isn't much choice out there at that time period if you don't have cable. I'm willing to bet the viewership in white households are similar. I'm guessing THR is only looking at talk shows since none of the judge shows or pure news shows are on the chart and I know darn well people are addicted to Judge Judy, People's Court, Divorce Court, CNN, Fox News, etc…. My dad watches Judge Mathis faithfully. It doesn't matter to him that it's staged/inflated just like the Maury Povich type shows – he just thinks Mathis is funny. When I'm home sick I usually have CNN or MSNBC on in the background while surfing the net… unless there's a Murder She Wrote, House, or MacGuyver marathon on ;)


I guess I'm also out of touch. I'm mostly at home these days but I don't watch any of this crap listed. For the most part, I'll watch "The Chew". Will check on "Ellen" some days and every once in awhile, "The View". A big "hell no" to the rest of the list. I'm honestly kind of shocked that people still watch that stuff.


I'm shocked at how little a black audience Ellen has compared with the other shows listed. Wow!


Even if I am at home, I don't watch "Maury", "Jerry Springer", "Steve Wikos", or "Jeremy Kyle". The topics are different from what I am looking for. I have never seen Trisha's show. I gave Ricky Lake a chance once or twice since she returned, but sadly all she did was bring her '90s show to 2012. There seems to have been little or no growth in Ricki as a host/producer.


I record the Wendy and Ellen shows.
I used to watch The View, but I can no longer tolerate Barbara Walters.


To asnwer your question, I don't watch any of it because I'm at work during the day. I think the stats are more of a reflection of the specific demo that is tuning in, not African Americans across the board, as well as what TV stations are offering during those dayparts.

Mark & Darla

Home with a cold today, watching Judge Mathis.


You say it makes you feel "out of touch", well it makes me sad cause every time I say yeah, Black folk have intelligence, yeah we are smart and have great taste and then you look at this and boy what huge Lie this makes me out to be across the board!!!!

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