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Who On Earth Could Warner Bros. Cast In Their ‘Justice League’ Movie?

Who On Earth Could Warner Bros. Cast In Their 'Justice League' Movie?

The great success story of 2012, in the blockbuster world, has been “The Avengers,” the superhero team-up movie that was the culmination of Marvel‘s multi-year plan since they started producing their own movies. As you might expect, the film’s success means that Marvel’s arch-rivals Warner Bros./DC Comics are pressing ahead with a movie of “Justice League,” their own superhero team-up property. DC are owned outright by Time Warner, and as such, they have the advantage of having all of the characters — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman et al. — under the same roof. But outside of the success of Christopher Nolan‘s standalone Batman movies (they won’t be crossing over into any future efforts), Warner Bros. hasn’t had much success with their own comic book movies.

Superman” reboot “Superman Returns” was a damp squib six years ago, and 2011’s “Green Lantern” was an outright flop, which set the franchise back, while an attempt at a fresh-faced “Justice League” movie directed by George Miller a few years ago was cancelled only weeks before shooting was meant to begin. But with Nolan’s trilogy complete, a new Superman on the way (2013’s “Man of Steel“) and “The Avengers” proving a huge success, the studio is moving swiftly ahead with their plans. With a writer, “Gangster Squad” scribe Will Beall, hired last year, the studio was reportedly courting Ben Affleck to direct (he seems to have expressed little-to-no-interest in the idea, but it gives an idea of the kind of person that they’re after). Only last week, Warners won a legal bout with the heirs of “Superman” creator Joe Shuster, which overcame one of the last major hurdles to the film. And the studio has pencilled in the movie for a 2015 release, putting it on a collision course with “The Avengers 2,” which is already slated to come out that May.

Which begs a number of questions, even when you put aside the question of who’ll actually direct the thing (do they go A-list, to a Guillermo del Toro or a Brad Bird, or do they gamble with an unlikely Marvel-esque pick like Joss Whedon or James Gunn?): Who are Warners going to cast as the heroes that make up the “Justice League”? Marvel’s approach had its own risks, in terms of rolling the dice and hoping that Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth et al. would be able to draw audiences to relatively unknown characters, but Warners have a whole different headache on their hands (arguably as difficult a casting job as a tentpole movie has ever faced) as they essentially have to launch a half-dozen or so franchises simultaneously, with all of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the line-up likely to have their own solo pictures in development. And one wonders if they need to hire a Whedon and/or Kevin Feige-type person first, just to oversee the crucial development and storylines for what the studio is hoping will be the start of a huge multi-threaded franchise.

Overtures to Affleck as director suggest that Warners aren’t necessarily going to be lowballing potential participants financially in the same way that Marvel did (though who knows), but at the same time, casting five or six A-listers would be prohibitively expensive for a film that needs to have as much of its budget up on screen as possible. So you’re obviously not going to see Tom Cruise as the Flash, or Johnny Depp as Batman (especially as top-tier stars would be more reluctant to sign restrictive multi-year contracts), and you’re probably not going to get Michael Fassbender or Chris Pine in there either. We can see them pushing out for a big name for one role, maybe (Batman, perhaps, or even a villain), but it’s not going to be the cast of “Ocean’s Eleven” either.

Ideally, what Warners is probably after are recognizable names and faces ready to make the leap up to the A-list and carry a movie on their own. Batman and Superman are draws on their own (hence the essentially unknown Henry Cavill), but they have to compete with “The Avengers” in the same year, which probably means not stacking the film entirely with a “Muppet Babies”-style cast like the George Miller one had (with hardly a single actor over the age of 25, including Jay Baruchel of all people as the villain). They’re likely going to aim for more of the Chris Evans type (fairly well-known at the time and not overly expensive) than say, Chris Hemsworth (totally unknown at the time). Although it’s worth noting that Hemsworth has perhaps had the biggest career boost, bar Downey Jr., of all the Marvel leads.

But then again, who would those people be? A list of actors poised on the B/C list who have a good chance of moving up across the next year or so include people like Joel Kinnaman (the new “RoboCop“), Charlie Hunnam (“Pacific Rim“), Joel Edgerton (“Zero Dark Thirty“), Jai Courtney (“A Good Day To Die Hard“), Alden Ehrenreich (“Beautiful Creatures“), Jake Abel (“The Host,”), Armie Hammer (“The Lone Ranger”), Justin Timberlake, Ben Barnes (“The Seventh Son“) and Sam Claflin (“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire“), but how viable are any of them as “Justice League” characters — we can see names like Edgerton, Courtney, Hammer and maybe Timberlake (who was on the “Green Lanternshortlist, alongside Bradley Cooper, who’s probably too big these days), but not necessarily the others. And could they be too in demand by the time the film casts up (likely next summer)?

The alternative is to gamble more and go with names drawn from TV or relative unknowns (as the Miller version did), and thus bringing costs down. Ultimately, the history of the modern blockbuster has demonstrated that stars are less important than the property (see “Avatar,” “Star Trek,” et al.), although that has the risk of making the film look like a DTV knock-off of “The Avengers” if the films are in theaters at the same time. It’s also risky because Warners’ plans would mean that actors would have to not only fit into an ensemble, but then carry a movie on their own, and it’s tricky to do both. So who would we cast? Well, head on over to page two, and you can find our picks — assuming a relatively stripped-down line-up that includes Superman, The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern (but probably not more out-there and obscure characters like Aquaman and Martian Manhunter). It’ll be interesting to see how it all shakes out, and you can let us know your own picks in the comments section below.Superman – Henry Cavill
Whatever Zack Snyder has said to the contrary so far, one has to assume that the intention is for Cavill to reprise his role in “Justice League,” and we suspect his contract probably covers that. While we’ve not been wildly impressed by what we’ve seen of him in other fare, he looks like a decent choice for the role in released footage so far, and assuming “Man of Steel” is a hit, would bring something of a known quantity to “Justice League.” But what if it tanks, or even if the Nolan/Snyder approach, which seems to be fairly meditative so far at least, doesn’t mesh with what the studio or audience wants for “Justice League”? We still think it would be ill-advised to recast, but there are options out there. Matthew Goode was Cavill’s closest competition the first time around, and could make another run at it (as could Matthew Bomer, Armie Hammer, Joe Manganiello and Colin O’Donaghue, who were all in contention too), while Luke Evans (“Immortals“) strikes us a reasonable physical fit for the role. Way back in the day before Cavill was cast, we liked the idea of relatively little-known TV actor James Wolk (the short-lived “Lone Star“), and he could be a cheap option if it goes that way. Also from the TV world, “Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington might be able to pull it off, though the punishing schedule for the show could well rule him out. And of the biggish names, Joel Edgerton and Jai Courtney are sort of feasible (Edgerton tested to play a villain back when Brett Ratner was directing a Superman movie), though not perfect fits.

Batman – Anson Mount
The most regularly stated fan-favorite for the role is Michael Fassbender, and while he’d obviously be great, he may be a touch too big these days, even if he’s not a qualified A-list draw yet either (plus he’s leading a rival superhero franchise in the “X-Men: First Class” series, which likely rules him out). So who else might be able to stand in Christian Bale‘s shoes (and no, it won’t be Joseph Gordon-Levitt either…)? In internal discussions, we really liked the idea of “Game of Thrones” actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, but again, unless he’s got a messy end coming on the show (don’t tell us, we haven’t read the books), scheduling would likely prove restrictive. Idris Elba would be terrific (if fanboy-enraging), but is probably tied to the “Thor” franchise these days, while if “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” didn’t put people off casting him as a lead, Benjamin Walker might be interesting. Ultimately, we landed on Anson Mount. A one-time teenybopper heartthrob thanks to starring opposite Britney Spears in “Crossroads,” Mount has a new lease of life these days thanks to starring on AMC‘s “Hell On Wheels.” He looks a bit hobo-y thanks to that role, but give him a shave and a haircut and he’s got the strong chin and piercing eyes that are advantages when it comes to playing Bruce Wayne, and the right kind of imposing physical presence and edge of Ivy League privilege. If “Hell On Wheels” is still going, there could again be scheduling conflicts, but we think he’s a solid choice, particularly given he’s got a high-profile role coming up opposite Liam Neeson in “Non-Stop.” But if they want to go younger, there have been whispers that Armie Hammer is being eyed again (the actor was cast in the role in the George Miller version), or someone like Joel KinnamanAlexander Skarsgård, or Garret Hedlund might be feasible.

Wonder Woman – Mary Elizabeth Winstead
We’re not sure if it speaks well or poorly of the state of female leads in Hollywood that it felt easier to draw up a feasible list of names for Wonder Woman than any other character. Does it mean that there are more potential leading ladies out there than ever before? Or does it mean that the talented ones are stuck pursuing this sort of part? Either way, there’s lots and lots of potential candidates, but it’s hard to pick one out in particular, due to the particular demands of the quite literally Amazonian role. People like Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana and Nina Dobrev have the right mix of steeliness and exoticism for the part, but all are a touch diminuitive for more traditional interpretations of the role. Australian model/actress Megan Gale had the part in the Miller version, and certainly has the right look, but we’re not sure about her leading a potential spin-off. “Lost” actress Evangeline Lilly is something of a fan-favorite for the part, along with Olivia Wilde and Gemma Arterton, and all are feasible if unexciting choices. Thinking outside of the box a little, there are some names from TV who could be more interesting. “Downton Abbey” stars Michelle Dockery and Jessica Brown-Findlay are both getting more and more attention these days, while winning contenders could be “Girls” star Alison Williams and “Mad Men” thesp Jessica Pare. Finally, many remain to be unconvinced by Olivia Munn‘s acting talents, but we thought she really impressed in both “The Newsroom” and “Magic Mike” this summer, and could bring a more comic spin on the character. But ultimately, our pick is someone who was actually in the running last time “Justice League” was in the works, in the shape of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and “Smashed” star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She’s a good actor, has the right look for the character, and isn’t yet out of the budgetary realms, plus she’s on a real crest of the wave at the moment thanks to “Smashed.” If rumors linking her to the female lead in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” are correct, that could rule her out, but for now, she seems to be the best pick of the bunch.

Green Lantern – David Oyelowo
The financial failure and general shittiness of “Green Lantern” means that should the character turn up in the new “Justice League” line-up, it likely won’t be in the form of Hal Jordan, as played by Ryan Reynolds. And the easiest way to make a clean break would be to go with one of the other characters who’ve donned the green ring, namely ex-Marine African-American Lantern John Stewart (which would also have the benefit of adding some much-needed diversity to the mix). Stewart’s featured in recent “Justice League” cartoons, so the target audience will be familiar, and rapper Common was set to play the character in the Miller version. He might yet be an option, but we’ve gone with someone else as our first choice — British actor David Oyelowo. The actor has been cropping up in big-name movies for the last half-decade or so, but he’s been almost inescapable of late thanks to films like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” “The Paperboy,” “Lincoln” and “Jack Reacher.” He’s a brilliant actor, capable of bringing gravitas and humor to the part, and yet someone who could absolutely still benefit from a role like this from a career perspective. Other options out there: “Chronicle” actor Michael B. Jordan would be a fine choice, as potentially is “42” star Chadwick Boseman.

The Flash – Scoot McNairy
The Justice League are traditionally a rather more dour bunch than “The Avengers,” and as the least known of the central quintet, The Flash (likely to be in the form of Barry Allen) is the obvious choice to bring in a touch of humor to the ensemble. That’s likely the approach that George Miller was taking in his film, casting Adam Brody in the part, and the one that whoever ends up making “Justice League” would be well-advised to replicate. With that in mind — along with the super-speed nature of the character that doesn’t necessarily require a supehero physique — we had a couple of thoughts, including “Community” star Joel McHale and “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul, both of whom are looking to break into features in the near future. Even someone like Jason Sudeikis could be a viable candidate, but for some reason, we like rising star Scoot McNairy for the role. After breaking out properly a couple of years back with “Monsters,” McNairy’s had a great 2012, with scene-stealing performances in “Argo” and “Killing Them Softly,” and with “Promised Land,” “12 Years A Slave” and “Non-Stopon the way. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before he gets a big studio leading role, and something like The Flash could be a nice halfway-house for him; he doesn’t have to carry the film at first, but would get a raised profile as a result. Plus, how do you resist the temptation to cast a guy called Scoot as a man who can run really fast?

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Superman-Henry Cavill
Batman-DC Douglas
Wonder Woman-Emily Blunt
Green Lantern-Ryan Gosling
Green Arrow-Stephen Amell
The Flash-Will Arnett
Martian Manhunter-Terrence Carson


Superman/Clark Kent-Henry Cavill
Batman/Bruce Wayne-Christian Bale
Green Lantern/Jon Stewart-Chiwetel Ejiofor
The Flash/Wally West-Chris Pine
Green Arrow/Oliver Queen-Ben Foster
Wonder Woman/ Diana Prince-Jamie Alexander
Aquaman/Arthur Curry-Ryan Gosling
Martian Manhunter/ J'onn J'onzz-Mark Strong


After playing Injustice….

Superman/Clark Kent – Timothy Olyphant
Batman/Bruce Wayne. – Michael C. Hall
Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. – Alexander Skaarsgaard
Green Arrow – Josh Holloway
Wonder Woman – Felicia Day (could happen)
Cyborg. – Samuel l. Jackson (why not? He's in everything else)

Directed by David Milch
Written by Chris Nolan.
JJ Abrams can do the theme song.


After playing Injustice….

Superman/Clark Kent – Timothy Olyphant
Batman/Bruce Wayne. – Michael C. Hall
Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. – Alexander Skaarsgaard
Green Arrow – Josh Holloway
Wonder Woman – Felicia Day (could happen)
Cyborg. – Samuel l. Jackson (why not? He's in everything else)

Directed by David Milch
Written by Chris Nolan.
JJ Abrams can do the theme song.

Sarahina Borgia

Flash- Rupert Grint, because when I think of flash I think of a young cocky detective and even though he's British theirs speech coaches he's perfect and plus he has that perfect red hair.
Superman- Henry Cavill
Batman- Christian Bale
Wonder Woman- Abigail Spencer
Aquaman- kellan Lutz
Martin Manhunter- Omar Sy and no CGI that's crazy a real person would be so much better.
Green Lantern – Ryan renolds

Gage Leso

Budda this is how it's done, listen up

Super man: Henry Cavill
Batman: Christian Bale
Wonder Woman: Abigail Spencer
Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds
Flash: James Marsden
Aquaman: Kellan Lutz
Martian Manhunter: Omar Sy

Gage Leso

Budda this is how it's done, listen up

Super man: Henry Cavill
Batman: Christian Bale
Wonder Woman: Abigail Spencer
Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds
Flash: James Marsden
Aquaman: Kellan Lutz
Martian Manhunter: Omar Sy


Superman-Henry Cavill. Wonder Woman-Taylor Cole or Bridget Regan.
They could either keep Ryan Reynolds as GL or get someone new…who knows.
They could either use Joseph Gordon Levitt to pick up Batman's role after TDKR or get a new guy to lead to the reboot. We'll see.
As for Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter, I haven't a clue yet. If MM is just CG, they should get the voice actor from the TV series of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, he fits perfectly.

James Wiltshire

Superman: Henry Cavill
Batman: John Hamm
Wonder Woman: Gina Carano
The Flash: Neil Patrick Harris
Green Lantern: Bradley Cooper
Aquaman: Josh Holloway


Seriously? Jason Sudeikis could be "a viable candidate" for The Flash. Wow. Ludicrous.


I agree with Gina Carano choice as Wonder Woman. Or maybe Bridget Regan (Legend of the seeker).


Jon Hamm as Bruce Wayne/ Batman.


Tom Welling as Superman only makes since. There are enough Smallville fans in the world to back him and that will without a doubt show up if he starred in Justice League.


Henry Cavil = Superman Chris Pine = Green Lantern Jensen Ackles = Batman Taylor Lutner = Aquaman Steve Howey = Flash Gioncarlo Esposito = Martian Manhunter Rosario Dawson = Wonder Woman Joe Manganiello = Lobo


superman-henry cavill or tom welling, batman- christian bale, wonder moman-gina carano or megan fox or even kate beckinsale, green lantern-ryan reynolds, the flash-joseph gordon-levitt or josh hartnett, martian manhunter-phil morris from smallville or if you wanted to go big and tall like the comics then dwayne johnson and i think you should even have green arrow and that should be played by stephen amell or justin hartley and aquaman-channing tatum or brendan fraser or even mark or donnie walberg i think any one of them four would be a great aquaman but thats my list


Superman – Henry Cavill. Batman – Bradley Cooper. Wonder Woman – Ashley Greene. Green Lantern – Idris Elba. The Flash – Ryan Reynolds. Martian Manhunter – Luke Goss


this list is a joke (apart from cavill)
ryan reynolds should be a given as the green lantern and your choice for batman….seriously you want a hobo to play batman *smh*


Batman: Christian Bale ; Superman : Tom Welling (Smallville ); Wonder Woman:Alexandra Daddario ; Green Lantern: Ryan Renolds ; Flash: Bradley Cooper ; Martian Manhunter: Phil Morris ( Smallville ) ; Villain(LEx Luthor) : Michael Rosenbaum ; I think the movie should be based off the Smallville universe since almost all characters have met , that would allow the movie to move forward without introducing each hero to one another ; it would be set in 2017 just like the Smallville Finale showed ; directed by: JJ Abrams


Batman – Christian Bale.
Superman – Henry Cavill.
Wonder Woman – Gina Carano.
Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds.
Flash – Ian Somerhalder.
Aquaman – Robert Pattinson.
Martian Manhunter – Dwayne Johnson.

Director : Zack Snyder.
Producer : Christopher Nolan, Charles Roven, Emma Thomas.
Executive Producer : Thomas Tull.
Music : Hans Zimmer


Here's my picks for The Justice League movie cast:
*Superman / Clark Kent – Henry Cavill
*Batman / Bruce Wayne – Christian Bale
*Wonder Woman – Olivia Wilde
*Green Lantern – Ryan Gosling
*Flash – Justin Timberlake
*Aquaman – Bradley Cooper
*Martian Manhunter – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje


How about making a move with Ryan Reynolds over to Flash? it seems like a more suited role for him doesnt it?


Batman – Christian Bale. Superman – Henry Cavill. Wonder Woman – Gina Carano. Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds. Flash – Ian Somerhalder. Aquaman -Robert Pattinson . Martian Manhunter – Dwayne Johnson


Jon Hamm as Bruce Wayne/ Batman.
I'd like to see Aaron Paul break out as a major star, but not in this (or fucking Need for Speed). Rian Johnson would be a great choice for director though.

(wow, can you tell I watch AMC shows a lot?)


all I know is that Bryan Cranston better play Commisioner Gordon in the Batman reboot

Tom–P3bhQ I've got all the movies planned pretty much, if you want to hear say on video


Superman – Henry Cavill.
Batman – Christian Bale.
Wonder Woman – Gina Carano.
Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds.
Flash – Robert Pattinson.
Aquaman – Ian Somerhalder.
Martian Manhunter – Dwayne Johnson.

Director and Producer – Christopher Nolan


I would have gone with:

Superman – Jon Hamm
Batman – Rupert Penry-Jones
Green Lantern – David Oyelowo
Wonder Woman – Robyn Lawley
Flash – Donald Glover
Martian Manhunter – Andy Serkis

Directed by Brad Bird


I'd give the Justice League film to Rian Johnson.

Krazy joe

Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds need to be Superman and Green Lantern.

This isn't up for debate. They NEED to be Superman and Green Lantern.

What made the Marvel films work was the 'shared universe' , and using the same actors from film to film. Batman needs to be recast because the Nolanverse was a self contained thing that is over now. Batman must be the only recast actor. From here on in, it's shared universe time.

Even those who foolishly disliked the 2011 Green Lantern movie usually agree that Ryan Reynolds was great in the role and that their problems were script based, not actor based. And Cavill looks like he'll make for a great Superman.

So lock those two down. Set those two in stone. As for Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, AquaMan and Cyborg? It's anyone's guest.

But no way no how can Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds be recast. They are required.

Great Scott!

You guys sure are thinking about this a lot harder than anybody actually working on it will.


I often wonder why Gina Carano is consistently omitted from the potential roster for Wonder Woman. She has excellent physicality along with a hardened demeanor and a beautiful face.


Oliver laid out the reasons why WB will probably be courting non-famous names for this project; readers complain about how lame the list looks. Maybe so, but to me that seems more indicative of the problem facing WB than it does of Oliver's taste.


This movie doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I really hope I'm wrong because if they get the movie right it will be a huge hit(even bigger than avengers I think,DC characters are more interesting)

Oh and what about Aquaman and Martian Manhunter??


So Cavill hasn't impressed you yet but your own suggestions are supposed to be good?
The list aside from Cavill is a joke.

Sofara Naama Feliuai

Here's my picks for The Justice League movie:

Superman / Clark Kent – Henry Cavill.
Batman / Bruce Wayne – Christian Bale / Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Wonder Woman – Gina Carano / Olivia Wilde.
…Green Lantern – Ryan Reynolds.
Flash – Robert Pattinson.
Aquaman – Ian Somerhalder / Jensen Ackles.
Martian Manhunter – Dwayne Johnson / Will Smith.

Directed by Zack Snyder.
Produced by Christopher Nolan.


Great choices! It's refreshing to see some names other than Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion put out there. You have very realistic, well-chosen contenders.

I really hope that the Green Lantern in the film is John Stewart played by Chadwick Boseman. "42" should put him on the map.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a great choice for Wonder Woman, and Scoot McNairy is a great choice for Flash!

Charlie Hunman is my choice for Batman.


I want Emily Blunt for Wonder Woman & Armie Hammer 4 Batman! After all, Armie is a RICH dude – look @ his interview and his manor -.- though he has some similarities with Henry, look-wise. As for Emily, I post this because of that movie "All you need is Kill" – if EB deliver the action scenes then WB should consider hiring her 4 JL and hyping AYNIK at the same time.


Bradley Cooper might be too big these days because The Words was such a smashing success?


Some good shouts. I think Joel Kinnaman would actually make a good Flash.

I've always liked this dude (Eion Bailey ) for Batman, I know he'd been rumoured for the gig around the same time as Cillian Murphy and just before for Bale got it.

Zoe Saldana may actually be too thin to be Wonder Woman but I do like an ethnically tinged choice so I'd have to go with Rosario Dawson. Otherwise I do like Alison Williams.

David Boreanaz was great as the Green Lantern in ' Justice League: The New Frontier', animated thing a few years ago, it's probably still my favourite of the DC animated movies.

And Yes they should attempt to get Brad Bird on this.


Can't say I'm on board with all of your choices, but I have to agree 100% with Scoot McNairy for The Flash. McNairy has great comedic timing and is very impressive with the dramatic/serious stuff. Having said that, the idea of a Justice League movie is completely uninteresting. I don't know what the tone of it will be, but if they are trying to emulate The Avengers in every possible way then they've set themselves up to failure. Warner Bros. needs to step back and reconsider what they're doing, or else they'll just make another Green Lantern-style mistake.


I say Nicholas Cage should play all the characters


Cavill as Superman. If not him maybe Matt Bomer. I like Edgerton or Waldu as Batman. Oyelowo as Stewart or Pine as Jordan. A friend suggested Gemma Arterton as Wonder Woman. After the Hobbit maybe Lee Pace will breakout and be on Warner's radar for a role (any really)


the safest bet is recasting bale and carvill as batman and superman to market it as the first on-screen/live-action batman/superman team-up. Use other JL members as supporting for larger roles in the sequel. Probably they put terms and conditions regarding possible JL movie in carvill's contract but bale wouldn't come back and it'd be wise of him not to do.


Warner Bros is on the verge of a mess. That's why they split out The Hobbit and are working on Magic Mike 2-they're so desperate and pathetic. Look what happened with Dark Knight Rises-Nolan didn't wanna do it, they persisted and underwhelmed and disappointed many. Man of Steel is stil a huge question mark. Then you need to consider the other releases- Gatsby, Gravity, Gangster Squad, Jack the slayer, Warner bros will do whatever they can to keep a franchise


the concept of bradley cooper as green lantern is a mathematically perfect combination of unappealing meets boring. like celery flavored jell-o or something


yeah this movie will probably not be very good…


Aside from Winstead I disagree with the entire list but then again Justice League is a stupid idea. Almost every character in it is more interesting on its own than as part of a team but I guess because Avenger was a big hit this just HAS to happen. I feel way more interested in seeing the Batman reboot go well and Superman and Wonder Woman startng successful franchises than this and I think starting with a team up is going to impede that, I mean how many good JL storylines are there in the comics compared to great Batman storylines or Superman?


SUPERMAN- Henry Cavill
BATMAN- Joel Edgerton
WONDER WOMAN- Gina Carano/Kate Beckinsale
GREEN LANTERN- Ryan Reynolds assuming or Bradley Cooper or Nate Parker
FLASH- John Kransinski


i didnt read page 2 but i have to comment RIGHT NOW, after seeing page 1 – BRAVO, THE PLAYLIST! U CALL JUSTIN TMBERLAKE B/C LIST =) i seriously cant stand Hollywood trying to pimp/hype him as the new leading man. He played the same role (HIMSELF) in his commercial success – TSN / BT / FWB! I know he can make money overseas but whatever. If A-List means chasing roles in "In Time" then JT, u can call yourself A-List.


Well, what type of movie is this going to be? A comedy like The Avengers? Or a drama more like The Dark Knight and Man of Steel?

Armie Hammer = Batman.
Bradley Cooper = Green Lantern
Garrett Hedlund = Flash.
Brandon Routh = Superman.
Idris Elba = Martian Man Hunter
Jessica Biel = Wonder Woman


Aside from Cavill, that cast is a fucking joke… I'm assuming The Playlist doesn't know jackshit about superheroes.


Yikes, that looks like a terrible cast. It would be so silly.

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