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Will Smith-Produced Queen Latifah Daytime Talkshow Lands On CBS For Fall 2013 Bow

Will Smith-Produced Queen Latifah Daytime Talkshow Lands On CBS For Fall 2013 Bow

It was almost exactly 1 year ago today when it was announced that Will Smith, his Overbrook Entertainment cohorts, and Queen Latifah were teaming up with Sony Pictures TV to produce a syndicated daytime talk show for the Queen to host.

Details were scarce at the time, except that the program was scheduled to debut in 2013, and it’s apparently still on schedule, as Deadline reveals today that, after some competitive bidding between networks, CBS has landed what will be called The Queen Latifah Show (recall the Queen once hosted a talk show, also titled The Queen Latifah Show, which had a rather short run, from 1999 to 2001. Expectations for this upcoming new program are probably higher).

The show will launch in the fall of 2013, and will feature…

… celebrity interviews, human interest stories, comedy, pop culture and musical performances. It is expected to showcase Queen Latifah’s talents, blending comedy and music into her hosting duties.

Latifah will join what is already a crowded daytime talk show market, although none of the current crop of new shows has produced a breakout hit, which might give a high-profile show like Latifah’s the opportunity to fill in a gap left vacant by Oprah Winfrey’s departure. 

Provided these shows are all still around in the fall of 2013, she’ll be joining the Wendy Williams Show (Fox, although it’s syndicated), Steve Harvey (NBC/Universal), Trisha Goddard (also with NBC/Universal), Live on ABC, The Talk, The View, and others.

Latifah stays busy (via her Flavor Unit production house, along with partner Shakim Compere), both in front of and behind the camera, on TV and in film.

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Oh, excuse me, Sergio is probably the only S&A reader who remembers that famous advertising campaign slogan, but let me explain how this relates to Queen Latifah, Arsenio Hall and Oprah Winfrey, all of whom are in the entertainment business.

Well, back in the day hotel lobbies were typically used as meeting places, so situations with persons seeking each other were not uncommon. Ad executive for the Phillip Morris cigarette company capitalized on that popular gathering place by introducing the world to the distinctive voice of a 22-year-old, 47 inches tall New York bellboy. As a bellboy the soon to be "actor" and pitchman was making 15 dollars a week, he soon was earning $50,000 annually. The Phillip Morris company is still around and the bellboy/pitchman had a 40 year career.

"But CareyCarey, how does all of that relate to Latifah, Arsenio and Oprah?"

Short answer, the little man with the distivtive voice was… **drum roll** …an attention "fetcher" and Oprah got the memo… "I have a tendency to look at everything from the point of view of: What is going to be meaningful, and uplift people? That can become too stoic and too serious — which is the same issue I suffered with at the magazine in the beginning. It [I]needed more humor. So we [began] looking for lighter fare… [and it worked!]" ~ Oprah Winfrey

Now who's calling for Queen Latifah? I mean, does she have a distinicnt voice? Is she a shorter than short white male who will instantly turn heads in her direction? And, the biggest question facing all talk show hosts is… **drum roll** …is she entertaining in a humorous sort of way? Well, as Notagain implied and Sandy laid right on the table… "There's got to be something compelling about her personality — not only the guests — and she doesn't have it".

I AGREE. I believe most viewers hope to be entertained/amused by the host (first and foremost) because they are, for the most part, in every conversation. That said, I stumbled upon her show and I-couldn't-do-it. There was absolutley nothing there to hold my interests.

Arsenio, on the other hand has a sniff at "success". Some believe he's witty and funny and an edgy comic. However, I have to stand on my position that he's a lame suck-butt schmuck who has never been edgy nor amusing — to me. So only time will tell.

In the end I am left to say, "CALL FOR __________________?" You make the call.

sandy s.

Queen is undeniably talented … but NOT as a "talk show host." Sorry. I like her personality, but her show was about as exciting as watching paint dry! Very difficult to not turn it off … kept hoping. Never happened. She kept talking into the camera and wasn't connected with HERSELF. There's got to be something compelling about her personality — not only the guests — and she doesn't have it. John Travolta couldn't rescue things, although he certainly tried. And I would tell Queen to cut all the talk about "seeing y'all in 10 years" … hold the self congratulation, Queen… I wouldn't bet on it … my advice, shoot the show in the head and put all of us out of our misery.


Queen L. is probably an excellent human being, but I have always found her boring. In fact, it's been a mystery to me for years why she is considered a great success.
Most of her movies are sentimental fluff, and her acting is very average. Her singing would not have brought her to a finalist status on any of the contest shows such as 'The Voice'.
She is likeable, no doubt. There is nothing we can detect behind the big smile. She keeps her real self under wraps and the effect is a non-exixtent and true connection to her audience.
We don't see the quirks, the flaws, the humanity that makes us care. This talk show is not going to work, it looks easy, but a daily hour of holding viewers five times a week in a major network is a feat. Many have tried and failed.


I don't see the point of Queen Latifah trying to do a talk show she already had one and it didn't last long. So why does Queen and Will Smith think this show is going to be different? Look at Anderson Cooper his talk show is getting cancelled after the second season due to being boring. What is Queen Latifah going to bring to the audience that is going to draw people in to watch?
One thing I will say about Oprah she was always very honest about her life and I think Oprah's honesty brought people in. Doing a talk show really does take a lot of talent it is not easy. Queen Latifah seems to be wearing a mask, her authentic self seems to be locked away somewhere. Wonder if Queen Latifah is going to come out of the closet as a lesbian on her talk show?


I have a feeling that this show won't be much different than her previous effort. I hope that she has spent significant time reviewing her previous show determining what did and specifically what did not work about the show.

Miles Ellison

All of those other shows are garbage, so there's room for her to be successful.


All these lackluster shows are simply proving how unique and one of a kind Oprah really is. You better bring your A game to try to even match her success. I've picked up on some colorism issues with Latifah, so I'm going to wish her well, but stay mum on the blind support for now.

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