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2 Of The Central Park Five Talk The Tension-Filled Interrogation They Underwent In New Clip From The Film

2 Of The Central Park Five Talk The Tension-Filled Interrogation They Underwent In New Clip From The Film

Surely, this doesn’t need an intro at this point, given how much we’ve talked about it. I saw it a couple of weeks ago, and reviewed it enthusiastically HERE.

I also got to talk to a few of the gentlemen earlier this week; you can read that interview HERE.

Sundance Selects acquired USA theatrical rights to documentary master Ken Burns’ The Central Park Five, which Burns co-directed with his daughter Sarah Burns, and his son-in-law David McMahon.

The film made its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May, where Burns expressed his hopes that the film gets a theatrical release (before heading to PBS) unlike his past documentaries, stating, “We want to release it theatrically because the running time makes it managable and there’s something urgent about it.

Burns is getting his wish, as it’ll open theatrically in New York on November 23rd, at the IFC Center and Maysles Cinema, followed by Los Angeles on November 30th, at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre.

I expect the accolades to continue after the film is released theatrically.

A brand new clip from the film has surfaced, and it’s embedded below:

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Cherish: I can't believe you said that. Watch the film and if you come out of the theatre and "can't work up so much sympathy" then you are just cold hearted.

This film is incredible and everyone needs to see it! What these five men had to go through is just terrible and I wish we didn't live in a world where innocent people are presumed guilty because of the color of their skin. These men had their childhood taken away from them. It's time we advocate for some kind of justice for them.


When a black male teen/adult is accused of a crime, why are most people pre-programmed to turn the MAIN focus on the defendants' lives and background instead of focusing on the cold hard FACTS? It's like forget the crime itself; screw the evidence; logic be damned…let's put ALL of their past failures and shortcomings on trial. The purpose of the trial is not to prove a person's degree of sainthood. It's to give all parties access to justice, to find the truth in the matter at hand. Crack epidemic or not, when a black male is accused, he's not just on trial for a crime; he's on trial to justify his humanity. Oftentimes, the crime takes a backseat. In the U.S., the war against black men has been waging since the inception of the country. We're numb because we think it's the norm. The lucrative prison industrial complex stock market is no joke.

Critical Acclaim

Incredible film.


OK, I can feel only so much sympathy for these guys. Yeah they were innocent of this crime, but they're not innocent boys. They made life miserable for alot of NYers back then. Crime was so bad back then, between the crack epidemic and muggings and killings, the city was such a different place. I just can't work up so much sympathy here.

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