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2 Women Directed Animated Features on Oscar Shortlist

2 Women Directed Animated Features on Oscar Shortlist

21 animated features have made it to the Oscar shortlist for best animated feature. Since over 16 films were submitted, a maximum of 5 films can be nominated. However, of these 21 animated features—that range from major animated features such as Wreck-It Ralph to independent animated films like Zarafa—only 2 of these 21 films were directed by women.

And on top of that tiny number, both of these films were co-directed by men. The final five Oscar nominees will be announced on January 10.

Here are the two women co-directed animated films on the shortlist:

Brave – Co-directed by Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews

Secret of the Wings – Co-directed by Peggy Holmes and Bradley Raymond

21 Animated Features Submitted for Oscar Campaign (The Hollywood Reporter)

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As sad as this is, it's a harsh reality. But still, I can only remember one other female director's animated film being nominated at the Oscars. I hope Brave makes it because we honestly need more Meridas in the media (a strong female character who ISN'T a love interest). Haven't heard of Secret of the Wings, but as an animation buff, I'll be sure to check it out.


OH!!! Well if PIXAR has it in the credits it MUST be true then.


I don't know i'd consider Brave Co directed by Brenda Chapman as Chapman was replaced partway through There are rumors Pixar found the film too feminist.

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