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5 Biggest Box-Office Bombs of the Year; Lots of ‘Dredd’ and No ‘Big Miracle,’ Especially for ‘Oogieloves’

5 Biggest Box-Office Bombs of the Year; Lots of 'Dredd' and No 'Big Miracle,' Especially for 'Oogieloves'

While “Skyfall” is topping the charts and “Breaking Dawn Part 2” looks poised to have box office teeth, 2012 had its share of financial bombs. “The Oogieloves” got no love, Oogie or otherwise, at the box office. The Wachowski-Tykwer magical mystery tour “Cloud Atlascouldn’t float, while Drew Barrymore-starrer “Big Miracle” was exactly the opposite in terms of profits. Below, Forbes’ list of the five biggest box office flops of the year so far (culled from info from Box Office Mojo).

The year isn’t over yet!

1. “The Oogieloves,” (Box office: $1 million; production budget: $20 million)

2. “Cloud Atlas” (Box office: $24 million; production budget: $100 million)

3. “Dredd” (Box office: $28 million; production budget: $50 million)

4. “Big Miracle” (Box office: $25 million: production budget: $40 million)

5. “Wanderlust” (Box office: $21 million; production budget: $30 million)

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Vince Smetana

Nevermind. They based the list on international take. Still, domestic and overseas grosses are entirely different beasts, making this list a little oversimplified.

Vince Smetana

This is a poorly composed list by Forbes, if it doesn't include John Carter and Battleship. Someone didn't do their homework on films which grossed more than $30M, but less than $75M, with budgets exceeding $200M.


Warner Bros investment in Cloud Atlas was $15 million for the domestic distribution. It's made, as of today, $24 million in the US. That's not a bomb. The rest of the investment came from independent financiers in Europe, where the film is just opening, and so far doing very well.

Cloud Atlas shouldn't even be on your list.


Again, some very good films didn't exactly connect with large box office when they first premiered. Frank Darabont's "Shawshank Redemption" and Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner". Why is there a need to label films that are interesting and challenging, such as "Cloud Atlas" as failures?


Sad that Dredd didn't do better, it was a great film. Best use of 3D since Avatar as well.

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