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ABC Cancels ‘Last Resort’ & ‘666 Park Avenue’

ABC Cancels 'Last Resort' & '666 Park Avenue'

As someone who watched both shows regularly, I can’t say that I’m surprised. I was most excited about Last Resort, especially after we saw the first trailer for it. I had high hopes. But it’s becoming clearer to me that the best dramas are just no longer on network TV. You can to go to cable for if you want to see the great stuff. 

Right now, unless a show has the names J.J. Abrams, Shonda Rhimes or Jerry Bruckheimer attached to it, it’s probably not on solid ground. Although that’s not a steadfast rule.

ABC has canceled both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue.

Why? Why else? Ratings. Both started the season fairly decently (especially Last Resort), but gradually dropped in terms of viewership. Although neither was what you’d call a sure-fire hit.

Last Resort averaged about 7.3 million total viewers, with last the last episode scoring the lowest ratings for the show since its debut, with 5.8 million viewers.

666 averaged 5 million viewers, with a 4 million draw during its last episode.

All 13 episodes of each series will air, completing original season orders for both. And after that, say goodbye!

Will you miss them, if you were an avid viewer?

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Sean Murphy

Just came across this news……I really enjoyed "Last Resort"….very pissed off to hear it has been cancelled

Mairtin Bradley

Gutted to say the least that Last Resort has been cancelled. Really enjoy the show. But to say unless it has JJ Abrams etc names on it ain't exactly true, just look at Alcatraz, another show that I enjoyed and yet again, cancelled.


It is very frustrating when you are getting involved in a series and all of a sudden they end it because of ratings. 'Last Resort' was a great series as was 'Missing' which they decided to axe after one season.


will definitely miss the 'last resort' ,was a great show!


Last Resort was really good. I wish they would bring it back.


I get sick and tired of networks canceling shows that are decent instead keeping garbage, all this dumbass reality shit. Last Resort, 5.something mil viewers? yet they keep shows with less than 4 mil…all the more reason to go to cable and ignore the networks


Why great U.S. shows are cancelled:

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”
― George Carlin


Community was axed but they brought it back, if enough people can get behind it we can bring back last resort!!!


Community was axed but they brought it back, if enough people can get behind it we can bring back last resort!!!


Last resort was very interesting, is there an alternative to this show since it will be axed?


BUUUUUURN!!!!! u should burn ABC for canceling Last Resort


US tv producers are unbelieveably fickle in that they base success on what their own public like and lets face it the Americans won't watch anything good they only appreciate tripe!!!


I watched Last Resort on Sky network in United Kingdom and I loved it, no way this show should be axed, I hope the writers move network and timeslot and make more, episode 13 could just be a dream Marcus had and we could carry on with this outstanding program which is so better than the reality junk that's on all the time now. C'mon Shawn Ryan give us more!


yeah, cmon …. last resort was amazing, WE WANT IT BACK!!! BEST TV SHOW EVER ….. you should kill the stupid reality shows.
R.I.P ABC channel


Keep last resort its the best show on tv all the rest suck don't be chode keep last resort

Miles Ellison

Networks have almost completely alienated the audience that appreciates shows like this. That audience stopped watching network television in "acceptable" numbers after the onslaught of reality shows, singing contests, and dance shows. The interesting thing is that Last Resort would have been a hit on a cable network. A lot more people watched that show than are watching Breaking Bad or Mad Men, and it had a slightly bigger audience than Sons of Anarchy, which is one of the most watched shows on cable. If people know that a show is going to be canceled by a network because there isn't a ridiculously large audience for it, enough of them won't watch no matter how good it is.

Mrs. Wright

America should be ashamed of themselves!!! How in the world do shows like Jersey Shore and The Bachelor/Bachelorette have continuous seasons??? Last Resort was amazing… BRING BACK MARCUS CHAPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!


It's sad considering one of the reasons the best shows don't get the veiwers is because they are new. People are scared to commit due to the obvious cancellation on the way.


Cancelling last resort hmmmm that sucks it actually was a decent show. Well you can suck it im gonna stick to my Dr. Who Walking Dead from now on no more venturing out since the station cant commit to producing a show. If you were going to cancel complete a second season and give shows the proper ending they deserve not a rush job to complete the circle. Eh could be worse could have ended like BBC The Fades and season 6 Primeval.


WHAT??!!!! They can't cancel last resort!! It was one of the most original and amazing show concepts I've ever seen!! I mean the season finale seemed quite rushed and not really what I wanted but I'm guessing they just wanted to give the show a proper finish. But we need season 2!! I want to know what happens after they all get back to the US and after Kylie shoots the president!!


WHAT! They cant do that! Last Resort was one of the best action-drama tv show ive watch. Me and my friends been watching it and longing for next weeks episodes. And now ABC is canceling it! Hey, you should learn to think twice before you will do something stupid…. People do love last resort! We want season 2!!!!!!!!!


WTF! Last resort was really good one of the best series I've seen…. It was a good balance of action and drama and not to much of one or the other… God dammit was looking forward to another season… :(

wayne key

Damn you ABC, you did it to me again! You get me started watching a TV and cancel it on me. i should have learned my lesson after FlashForward and V, but Last Resort looked so promising. 666 looked just creapy enough to get me attention too. So I signed on, and ABC killed them.

Why can't you kill your damn reality TV shows instead.


I also loved Last Resort, I looked forward to it every week.

Although, a few episodes ago I felt it needed to come to some kind of (intermediate) conclusion. That's the problem with shows that are built around 1 topic, you can't keep it dragging on, and once you fix the issue, the show is over.

I'm happy that at least it had a plausible ending and didn't stop in the middle. Looking at is as a mini-series, it was about 9-10 hours of great viewing pleasure.


I did not know they were canceling Last Resort idiots!!! Best show on TV after Homeland. Actors and plot amazing!! One of the few show husband and I watch together. Just proves ABC is a fluff channel. I should have answered phone when Nielson called since you sexist TV executives didn't think us stupid delicate "ladies" liked it! I am a young working 60 year old demographic in $150000 + category. Take that Nielson!


So i guess 4 millon people should cancel ABC . Last resort was awesome.


I can't believe they cancelled last resort!!! It's the best show I've seen in years! They have to figure out how to count viewers with DVR's being a thing now! I know they account for some of that but last I heard they were only looking at (I think) 3 days after shows air. Man, I'm so disappointed! The drop in viewers probably has to do with the crazy Thursday night lineup. If I couldn't record 4 shows at a time I'd have to cut one of my Thursday favorites out. Move last resort to another night and it'll show massive improvement in viewer numbers.

Marcus porter

Last resort was a great show! I never watch tv series because they usually suck. I actually couldn't wait till every Thursday… I even ended up liking the last resort Facebook page, which again is something I never do. Abc made a bad move with this one!


Well they can't ring it back now, cause they just had the Captin die and there isn't anything left to do. She killed the president, so what else could they do? I could see if Sam had to go after his wife, but they released her, so really nothing else to do. I loved that show and ABC sucks for canceling it. Horrible move, a good show gets canceled and crap TV stays on


Why not move Last Resort to another night so it's not having to compete with Greys Anatomy and Scandal?! This show had absolutely no chance to survive its competition, given these shows have been on air for a while (especially Greys) and have been "solidified" as a regular hit drama. Hell I recommend putting in on Tuesday nights at 10 pm in place of Private Practice that will no longer be airing as the series finale just aired. I hope someone takes this into consideration …. This is one of those shows that really had me intrigued and actually looking forward to what was going to happen next. Last resort to me was the best aired show of all network TV dramas this season hands down!


last resort was a GREAT SHOW shame on the network they always dump good shows im sic of it someone please pick it up good story good acting … what else do u want .. THEY PROBABLY HAVENT EVEN CHECKED THE DVR TOTALS BEFORE THEY DUMPED IT .. SO SAD


point is they'd rather keep that crappy reality crap on instead of good drama's and a good comedy here and there… has gone down hill ever since the first reality show popped up..


Wow, as if almost on cue, this interview with Ryan highlights most of the reasons the show died, and it wasn't for the High Concept :


I was still watching both shows more out of obligation and wanting to see how things panned out rather than actually enjoying them. Interesting concepts with middling execution, both just dawdling and meandering towards their resolutions/big reveals. The problem with a lot of these high concept shows is that they only have one "mystery" for the entire season and keep holding over viewers' heads while bullshitting around until sweeps. Yes, there can and should be a larger mystery, but we need meaningful & interesting reveals to keep us invested as you string us along. Neither show provided that on a regular basis. Also, why did Scott Speedman always have on so much clothing? They were on a freaking island; get gratuitous!


Maybe Last Resort will get a second life on another network? Remember Southland from a few years ago got dumped by NBC but ended up on cable and still has loyal viewers.


Now if they could also cancel that lame Once Upon a Time with it's ongoing inclusion of characters from every fairy tale that was ever written. That show sucks. I'm also sick of looking at Snow White with the jug ears. Add the cancelation of all these crap reality shows and we might be able to start putting in some quality programming. But it's doubtful.


QUESTION TO YOU ALL: Don't you think the main culprits are the show creators? Re Last Resort –>Another name to add to the HIGH-CONCEPT cemetary. Other than LOST and PRISON BREAK I can't think of a single hc show that has survived a full seaon. I blame the show creators for not being able to 1) determine the correct format for an idea (mini-series, special 2-hour movie-of-the-week…ain't no shame in that) 2) determine the right home for your project (cable specialty, basic cable, cable high-end). 3) Going for shock value with a concept that is too specific/gimmicky ————-I started paying attention to this phenomenon in 2006. All networks are equally guilty. Here are a few tragic examples: The Nine ( a series based on 9 survivors of a bank robbery), The Knights of Prosperity (a group of joe blows try to rob Mick Jagger), Windfall (20 friends win the lottery and experience the fallout), Day Break (w/Taye Diggs who wakes up every day at the same time and relieves the same day until he fixes things…), Six Degrees, Alcatraz, and sooooooo many more! I only miss 3 shows: Traveler, Journeyman and Flashforward. The concepts need to be toned down and the focus should be on telling strong stories instead of flashy ones. What do you guys think?

Geneva Girl

We'll be sad to see Last Resort go. Mr. GG and I really liked it. On the other hand, 666 gave us the creeps and we bailed after three episodes. I can't watch stuff like that before I go to bed!


I dont know what ABC expects. You create a show (Last Resort) that is clearly targeted at young males and decide to air it on Thursday night against the NFL. I personally love the show and it is on my DVR every week. But you are not going to pull men away from football no matter how good a show is. Why dont you try airing on on Wednesday night when there is nothing but junk on TV.


I'm glad Last Resort was canceled, they compare a military junkie with Kurt Cobain! so why dont compare with Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Endrix or Bob Marley? You fucked'up! Next time have some respect for dead people and compare with your F…. mother!


Like most people here, I really am disappointed that Last Resort didn't make it. I am shocked, really. I didn't give 666 a chance. Maybe it got better, I don't know.

JoAnn Perry

I do not know about how anyone else feels, but I am soooooo sick and tired of getting interested in a new "ABC" series only to have it cancelled again and again … I am speaking of both Last Resort and 666 Park Ave. I do not know what "ABC's" viewer numbers should be to keep a series running, but from what now and previous canceled series have stopped, ABC is no longer ANY fan of mine. I will NEVER waste my time watching ANY "ABC" new show! Only to have it canceled, again and again!!! And if I could start a ban for "ABC" television network, this would be a #1 priority for my 2013 New Years resolution!!


I hate to hear this about "Last Resort". My mom was just asking me about the show the other day. I am a fan of both Vanessa Williams' and Terry O'Quinn's work, but it was a no go on their show from day 1. They need to bring "GCB" back. The show was very realistic. There are a lot of messed up people in church.


I REALLY enjoyed The Last Resort. Andre Brauer was superb. I think it would do well if it were a cable show. 666 Park Ave. Was okay. I still watched it to support my girl, Vanessa. But again, you can do so much more on Cable. Network shows are kind of lame. I hope they are picked up by a cable network.

Adam Scott Thompson

Lynn, the husband on our "Crumbs in the Bed" webseries, was raving all through shooting about "Last Resort." Like me he's a huge Braugher fan, but I've never had faith in "high concept" television shows. The way he described it intrigued me, but I just couldn't bring myself to commit. Here's to Andre Braugher getting back on the horse ASAP.


I'll really miss 666 Park Avenue. I loved all this spooky-dramatic elements mixed in the same storyline. Maybe a cable network, such as Chiller TV, could pick it up, since they have less rating expectations? I agree with some comments ; cable networks do have some of the best shows on air nowadays.

Ronald t. Jones

Travesty of travesties! Two fine shows cancelled! A loss for creativity, a gain for the humdrum, the idiotic and the inexplicable!

Miles Ellison

One of the advantages that series on cable networks enjoy are lower ratings thresholds. A show that averaged 7.3 million viewers on AMC or FX would be renewed in a heartbeat. That's a lot more people than the audience for Mad Men or Breaking Bad on AMC. It's a little more than the number of people that are watching Sons of Anarchy or Justified on FX. Last Resort looked like an interesting show, but this isn't the type of show that draws the kind of numbers that will keep it on a broadcast network because the audience that appreciates this kind of thought provoking entertainment generally isn't watching ABC anymore.


Last Resort was a really creative effort with great acting. ABC basically doomed it to insignificance by giving it a timeslot in which it couldn't be competitive. At least the full season will air.

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