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‘Basketball Wives’ Cast Threatening To Walk Out Over Salary Dispute

'Basketball Wives' Cast Threatening To Walk Out Over Salary Dispute

Shooting began last week on the 5th season of VH-1’s hit reality show Basketball Wives and already trouble is brewing.

The major players on the show, including Shaunie O’ Nneal, Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman and Suzie Ketcham, have been working without locked contracts, and they all are demanding significant salary increases or else they will walk off the show.

VH-1, according to media reports, had already informed the cast, before shooting for the new season began, that there would be no pay increases for anyone whatsoever, and that if any cast member had a problem with it, they could leave the show and be replaced.

Reportedly the cast has responded to the network, saying that they are not budging over their demands, and will walk en masse off the show next week, if a deal isn’t set.

So who will blink first?

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Please, please lord let them walk out….


Sure, they COULD replace them. LOL. But who will go through all that trouble trying to re-connect to a new bunch of Miami's FakeA** sapphires? for you people to FONT what you FONT proves, you know NOTHING about reality t.v. and its RATINGS….It is all about the Buffons that set themselves out. Jersey Shore and ATLHousewives get Paid. Ya'll just jealous. lol

Miles Ellison

Several someones are overestimating their importance. There are literally thousands of women just like these stacked up like cord wood. Everything they think is so unique about them is written on paper in the writers room ready to be pumped into the next group of ignorants like gas into a tank.


Great. The show needs to end anyway. The show is a very biased, narrow view of a very, very small sect of modern women. We have yet to see the show that reflects people in my personal life- lawyers, teachers, professors, pilots, etc…….. Vh1's statement "….that there would be no pay increases for anyone whatsoever, and that if any cast member had a problem with it, they could leave the show and be replaced", is just VH1 being transparent. Vh1 makes tens of millions of dollars off of advertising for this show and similar shows, and the network cares absolutely nothing about these women or their needs and wants. Unfortunately, there is probably a line of NBA girlfriends, finances and jump offs on a waiting list just hoping that the cast leaves so that they themselves can get a shot at 15 minutes of fame. I hope the current cast has been saving their ducats.


What kind of people watches a show about elegantly dressed hoodrats?


1. Publicity Stunt. 2. If it isn't, who do these heffas think they are, the cast from "Friends?"

Adam Scott Thompson

They could re-cast the whole thing and it would still be a (ratchet) hit. The question is, does Shaunie have any creative ownership of the franchise? If so then she'll okay. Those others… maybe not. Of course, this could all just be a publicity stunt.

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