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Beg For Your Life: Werner Herzog Wears Contacts, Goes Evil In TV Spots For ‘Jack Reacher’

Beg For Your Life: Werner Herzog Wears Contacts, Goes Evil In TV Spots For 'Jack Reacher'

We really don’t recall Lee Child‘s Jack Reacher books being quasi-comedies, but in its transition to the big screen, the character has become shorter, more fashionable and armed with an arsenal of one liners. If people were complaining before, it won’t stop here.

Two new TV spots have arrived for “Jack Reacher” and they give us more of the only reason we’re going to watch this thing: Werner Herzog. With some tripped out eyeballs, he snarls his way through boilerplate dialogue. You know what would make both of these TV spots better? If Herzog was allowed to narrate them in character….or hell, out of character. It would be far more interesting than the rather bland actioner that seems to be shaping up. 

“Jack Reacher” rumbles on December 21st. Watch below.

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Tim cruise does bad ass action well. Just look at Collateral. This will be good. An entertaining action flick. I mean Christopher Mcquarrie wrote and directed the thing. So it will be an above average action flick


No idea what these books are. To me this looks just like Mission: Impossible 5 or something. They should make a movie called just "Tom Cruise", where Tom Cruise in his favorite leather jacket kicks ass.

James Barr

Your bias is showing, Kevin. Want to know how I know? Because the one-liners you are referring to ARE LIFTED STRAIGHT FROM THE NOVEL. Like word…for….word. Really, dude, if you're going to be snarky at least have a clue.

easy company

i cant wait for you to eat your own words when you see this movie kevin.

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