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BET Announces New Original Docu-series ‘Vindicated’, Hosted By Morris Chestnut (Watch Preview)

BET Announces New Original Docu-series 'Vindicated', Hosted By Morris Chestnut (Watch Preview)

Timely, considering the release of The Central Park Five, and all the buzz the acclaimed documentary has been attracting.

A preview of the upcoming new series follows at the bottom of this post.

First, the details via press release…

NEW YORK, Nov. 26, 2012 — BET Networks announces Morris Chestnut as host and co-executive producer of VINDICATED, a new 30 minute multi-part docu-series that sheds a much needed spotlight on individuals who have been unjustly sent to prison for crimes they did not commit, premiering December 4 at 10:30 PM ET/PT. 

And as host of BET’s VINDICATED, Morris will take viewers on the compelling journey of those who are wrongly accused and bring a voice to their untold stories.

VINDICATED crisscrosses the country illuminating the journeys of exonerees from before they were convicted to well after their exoneration.

VINDICATED explores the highs and the lows of various men and women as they attempt to rejoin society, rebuild family relationships, and regain their trust in the justice system that undeniably failed them.

In addition, VINDICATED is collaborating with “The Innocence Project,” a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent further injustice.

VINDICATED is executive produced by Strange Fruit Films, 3 Sons Productions and co-executive produced by Morris Chestnut.

Morris Chestnut, best known for his critically-acclaimed film roles in Boys ‘N The Hood and The Best Man, has currently been cast as a series regular in the new season of Nurse Jackie and upcoming films roles in Identity Theft and The Hive opposite Halle Berry. 

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maejean Emory

Please help Florida young men are been serving all there life prison help Florida

tyrone hicks

My name is tyrone hicks I was call the Bronx Rapist in New York city
my God sister told me about the TV show that
was on Bet 44 of Vindicated host by Morris Chesnut the story of Thomas Haynesworth . I am so happy to see that more people are getting help and sorry that it takes so long to be free from jail . I am also in that same boat that it took me 8 years in jail and then 6 years on the street and being on sex offender list . On May 15,2014 Thursday monring i was exonerated in the in Bronx New York City . the New York law School's Post -Conviction Innocence Clinic did what God and my PRAYS ask for to be free and home again with my love one's . may God Bless those who are still fighting to make it home also.

Kai D. Patterson

I love the BET series "Vindicated", because I have a similar story where I was falsely accused of a crime, and was eventually vindicated (

Like the Timothy Brian Cole Story, I too was a military honorably discharged veteran, but with the rank of Lieutenant of the United States Marine Corps ( I subsequently became an Aerospace Software Engineer and Telecom Software Engineer, where I created numerous inventions that are used everyday within our society. I developed software at NASA, ITT, AT&T, and stared my own company, where I created the first NFL Game Analysis Laptop Playbook called "Game Prep" (,, and I also created the world's first real estate virtual tour application called, "Real-T-Tech" (, and the first mobile phone missing child recovery application called "AMBER Ready" ( and

In 2009, the investment banker that funded my company wanted to take over my company and arranged that documents be forged to allege that I committed fraud. The document was an e-mail that alleged the $250,000 of past due salary I was owed and paid myself, was wired to an investor in the company, to repay him for his investment. The individuals who forged the document mistyped my e-mail address, which was, but was typed as At the time the document was forged, my e-mail address had changed to, to reflect my initials, and my company named "AMBER Ready". The document was provided to the Board of Directors of my company AMBER Ready, which I established at the request of the investment bank, and I was terminated as the CEO and Chairman of my company ( When I attempted to contest the wrongful termination and forged document, the new CEO of AMBER Ready filed a false police report, which led to me being charged and I was indicted on 13 counts of theft. The Morris County Prosecutors Office told my attorney they were seeking a conviction for 42 years imprisonment, even after they learning the forged e-mail contained an incorrect e-mail address.

The new CEO of AMBER Ready was a Italian American Police Chief named "Frank Del Vecchio", who attempted to force employees to commit numerous acts of fraud once I was wrongfully terminated (,, and After I was wrongfully terminated, more than 50 million shares of stock were also by Mr. Del Vecchio issued to the investment bank and investors of the investment bank with my forged signature. The new CEO also filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which also contained false statements to enable an initial public offering ("IPO") of the stock at more than $10 per share on the American Stock Exchange. This would have enabled the forged stock certificates to be worth more than $500 million dollars once the IPO was approved by the SEC ( and

Although I was able to get several employees of AMBER Ready to provide statements and letters to confirm my e-mail address began with the letters "kdp" and not "kap", the Morris County Prosecutor refused to drop the charges (, and In fear of being falsely convicted, I launched a campaign to expose the scheme, the fake evidence and confirmed my innocence. After more than 15 months of court appearances, the Morris County Prosecutors Office dropped the charges after the FBI raided the home of AMBER Ready's Controller named Martha Perez, who was a key witness for the Prosecutors Office ( Martha Perez issued the forged stock certificates, provided false statements to police and signed the false affidavit which led to the charges being filed against me by the Prosecutors Office.

AMBER Ready shutdown after the charges were dismissed against me, and its IPO was never approved by the SEC. I recently created a new initiative called "Project Child Support", to help children receive the child support they are owed. Project Child Support assists custodial parents owed child support in collecting their arrears, and noncustodial parents who need assistance in paying their child support arrears ( Project Child Support has collected thousands of dollars for custodial parents, and has assisted in the release of several noncustodial parents from jail, who have lost their jobs and could not pay their child support arrears (,, and I also created a talk show called the "Custodial Support Forum", which airs on Public Access, and can also be viewed on YouTube (

The Morris County Prosecutor, Robert Bianchi was recently ousted by New Jersey Governor Christie ( The Morris County Prosecutors Office has a history of wrongfully arresting, and wrongfully prosecuting individuals in the State of New Jersey ( I am so happy that BET has produced the series "Vindicated" to expose other stories like my story. Morris Chestnut's delivery is excellent in "Vindicated", and I want to praise BET for this series. Anyone can be accused in America for a crime they did not commit, especially if they are person of color, or someone can benefit from their incarceration; at the time I was both. I was lucky to have the resources to retain attorneys, and I dismissed the initial attorney I retained, who attempted to get me to accept a plea that would have convicted me for eleven (11) years in a New Jersey State Penitently. I recently received an Achievement Award from Phi Delta Kappa and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement (NOBLE) for my contributions to society (, and I learned that I am receiving a million dollars to fund my new initiative. I hope my story is an inspiration to the those who have been falsely accused of crimes they did not commit.



Brandi Edd

Please Support

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