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Black Female-Owned TV/Film Studio, Post Production House Opens in Georgia

Black Female-Owned TV/Film Studio, Post Production House Opens in Georgia

For all you content creators in the area… meet Open Rivers Pictures and its CEO and founder, Tammy Williams.

Nov 12, 2012 — Atlanta, GA.—November 13, 2012. — Open Rivers Pictures makes history today with the launch of Open Rivers Studios, the first African American female-owned television and film studio, and post-production facility in the state of Georgia.

The focus of Open Rivers Studios is creating, developing and producing original content including; documentaries, comedy series, children’s programming and sitcoms. “With aggressive growth across the digital platform, and the launch of several cable channels targeted to the African-American community, it makes great business sense to grow Open Rivers Pictures in the direction of developing more original content within our own facility, to service these individual distribution outlets,” says CEO and founder, Tammy Williams.

In addition, Open Rivers Studios is available for leasing in support of film studios, cable networks, photographers, casting, rehearsals, and production meetings.

Open Rivers Pictures has content divisions devoted to TV, film, digital and home entertainment, and houses a set construction department to support our original content needs.

“We’re excited about launching the first studio of this caliber in Fayetteville, GA.,” says Williams. “Its surrounding suburban communities are ripe with wonderful neighborhoods and settings that will work well for film, and television backdrops.”

The State of Georgia and city of Fayetteville are very passionate about servicing the film community—evident in the 30% tax incentive program. Another highlight is that Fayetteville, GA, is only 20 minutes from Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport making the commute effortless.

For more information about Open Rivers Pictures, Inc., please visit their website at or contact:

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I would love to come shadow when you get everything in order

Sheila White

I am very proud to she Black Women in this field! I am also the one that won in , The United States Supreme Court. My Case is Burlington Northern Railway v White , June 22, 2006. I fought against Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, Discrimination, in the Workplace. I help change and revised the Laws. I have been Honored all over the United States for my victory also have spoke @ many speaking engagements. My case is used each and everyday in Workshops, Classrooms, Courts. I have opening the doors and Men and Women! especially Women are winning there cases.
It is so sad that Life- Time had interest in my story, But I did the best I could to find an agent and i had no success. I felt very depress, because producers, are looking for sex, killing, drugs that sells. I also have a book name: Fighting The Giant, by: Sheila White. My story reminds me the movie call North Country. Women in the workplace, where Men didn't won't them there. I was the only women in my department and that was the different between the both. I had to fight twice as hard for my rights. My case is a Landmark Civilrights Case. One day my story will be told. Again, I am proud of you and many others that are being successful. Black Women in that field has to work twice or more that harder to be successful, I UNDERSTAND!!!

Thank you, Sheila White

Delma M. Webb

Love the website and video. Certainly posted Open Rivers on my Facebook page.

Jimmy E. Mcgee

The Cotton Club,the Apollo Theater,everyone in America is familiar with these venues for Black entertainment on the East Coast.However the West had a major entertainment center of its own.This entertainment centers was black owned and black built unlike the Cotton Club and the Apollo Theater.These venues service black patrons,white Hollywood celebs and Black Political and Intellectual leaders.Central Ave. the Dunbar Hotel, and the Lincoln Theater were Los Angeles Black Mecca.Having someone to present this project has been an itch that has not been scratched for most of my seventy one years.There were so many beautiful ,wonderful, and exciting growth experiences in L.A.during that era that is being lost an devalued.Nothing has been presented on a grand scale about this part of not only black history,but Los Angeles and American history. NewYorks Cotton Club had its clientele but nothing like Central Ave's Jazz scene which included Duke Ellington,Cab Calloway and many others.The Hollywood scene included William Randolph Hearst ,Betty Davis,Mae West and others.I have much infor mation on this wonderful period in Los Angeles. Maybe someone will realize this is a story that must be told. Thank you so much for your time.

Marcus Page

I have been searching up and down for a movie with a black woman playing the part of a Egyptian Queen like Cleopatra. There are none. I think that is so crazy. So I'm calling out to our brothers and sisters in Holly Wood to step up. Somebody please take on this task

Sheila White

I am so proud to see that doors is and has opening up for us! Keep up the work. I am the person that won the 2006 Supreme Court case against the railroad and trying to select a producer for my movie. I have a book call Fighting the Giant by: Sheila White I need to find an agency to guide me and help me. Do you know where i can start to find one? I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Sheila White

james isaac

Great !! Tammy lets talk..

Jo-Anne Saunders

Good Luck and GOD bless…


Great News!;-)


I'm excited about this! :)


Praise Olofi, Obatala, Yemaya, Auset, Maat, Allah, Jesus, and everyone else. Taking back control of our images.



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