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Breaking Dawn Part 2 (The Twilight Saga)

Breaking Dawn Part 2 (The Twilight Saga)

I thought the first Twilight movie was fresh and entertaining, but I haven’t cared about the series since then. The best I can say about this closing chapter, based on the latter part of Stephenie Meyer’s novel, is that it offers “more of the same.” To the series’ fervent fans, that will come as good news. For me, it was something of a yawn.

Part 2 of Breaking Dawn begins where Part 1 left off. Bella and Edward are now married and the parents of a baby girl who is half-vampire, half-human. The opening section of the movie has the air of a 1980s shampoo commercial as the two newlyweds, discreetly naked, make passionate love to a nonstop music track. At times like this, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is cheesy to the point of self-parody. When the story finally kicks in it gets more interesting. It seems the Volturi, led by the outrageously hammy Michael Sheen, are convinced that the baby is an “immortal child,” which foretells disaster. It’s up to the Cullen clan to convince the Volturi that they’re wrong—or face them in battle. This leads to an exciting action climax with an admirably clever twist.

Jacob, if you’re keeping track, is now an ally of the Cullens, although Edward is uneasy with this truce. But never fear: Taylor Lautner still gets an opportunity to take off his shirt.

As for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, they murmur so many of their lines that it’s often difficult to understand what they’re saying. There is no problem seeing them, however, as the camera comes in so close during their scenes together that you can count their eyelashes.

As in earlier series entries, the wolves who play a vital role in the story are expertly rendered in CGI form but, curiously, never seem “real” enough to be scary, even when they’re baring their teeth. Similarly, a series of gruesome  shots late in the film are so patently unreal that the MPAA didn’t have a problem granting a PG-13 rating.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 preaches to the choir as much as any movie ever made. I have a feeling that core audience will be pleased. What I, or any critic, may think scarcely matters.

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mike schlesinger

Yeah, these films are rubbish, but so what? If the kids like 'em, let 'em alone. Me, I'm gonna fire up HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS and the Burton version again. To each his own!


I agree with everything that you said about the movie except for the twist being "clever." The it-was-all-a-dream/vision twist is one of the biggest cliches in movies. They used it the same way in "Next" among other works too.


Let's see, if you don't like the film you are a "hater", obviously these films appeal to a lesser mentality or maturity level than I thought.Nothing like wanting to be a vampire to set your sails on…Next generation might have hope.


When I gave in and watched Twilight last year, I found it to be a guilty pleasure, full of bittersweet longing and cringing inducing moments in fairly equal measure. The subsequent movies (yes, I've seen each in turn) have been both appealing, sucking me in, and appalling in the overacting or lack of acting skill. I snuck away this afternoon to see Breaking Dawn Part II and was pleasantly surprised, especially since Part I was so ridiculous. I honestly think this is the best of all five films. The plot twist is excellent and the wrap up is a perfect ending for fans of the series.


You are correct, no one cares about any critics' opinion. Funny how more major critics did like the film and totally shoots down this critics opinion which makes no sense what's o ever. Michael Sheen's 'Aro' was played the same way he's always's played him. Maybe you should have paid attention to New Moon and you would have seen it Mr. Maltin.

But the misogynistic hatred about Twilight's audience is almost over. The fans get to appreciate the final film which happens to be the best reviewed of them all although Maltin doesn't think so.

But whatever, there were more guys in the audience whooping and yelling than ever. So, unfortunately, for Maltin and the rest of the Twilight haters, it is going out with the biggest bang ever thanks to Mr. Condon.

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