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Charlize Theron Starring In William Monahan-Written Remake Of ‘Sympathy For Lady Vengeance’

Charlize Theron Starring In William Monahan-Written Remake Of 'Sympathy For Lady Vengeance'

If this sounds vaguely familiar, well, it’s because this remake has been brewing for a while. Way back in 2009, Charlize Theron was already putting together a remake of Park Chan-wook‘s excellent “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance,” a film that was part of a loose trilogy that started with “Sympathy For Mr.Vengeance” and continued by “Oldboy,” which is currently getting the Hollywood treatment by Spike Lee. Danny Boyle was rumored to direct but nothing was formal, but it now seems she’s found the talent to help put it together.

Megan Ellison‘s Annapurna Pictures are teaming with Theron’s Denver & Deliah Films, along with CJ Entertainment for the ‘Sympathy’ remake, which “The Departed” writer and “London Boulevard” helmer William Monahan will adapt. The story follows a woman who for reasons of her own completes a prison term for a murder she did not commit, reemerging to punish the killer and avenge the dead. The original was some pretty gritty and beautifully shot stuff, and Monahan is bullish about his version.

“This will be very American – and very unexpected,” says Monahan. “Park is a genius; it’s the Everest of adaptations and I’ve got blood in my teeth to do it.”

No word yet on when production might begin — Theron has just finished “Mad Max: Fury Road” — but both look more or less available at the moment, so perhaps next year? We shall see, but we’re certainly intrigued.

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all the people who want to remake this incredible trilogy need to die (figuratively)

I'm Chuck Bass

Will the American version of Oldboy include that incest twist at the end?

lady vengeance fan

I highly doubt cinematography wise that this remake will measure up. Some really beautifully shot scenes, like the beautiful brick wall background where the lady was running. Its one of my favorite cinematography moments in film. Very poetic, very graceful and very powerful all at the same time. And then the letter scene…how will they translate such a moment like that into an american version film?!?! They can't! Most likely it will be left out of the US version. Somehow I really feel this won't do so well.


Of course, because this film needed to be remade :rolleyes:


This can be adapted to a very American story.
My only concern is that Theron would portray the character too heavy and dark. The beauty of Lee's acting was lightness and absurdity. She was also cast against the type. I'd rather see someone like Amy Adams tackle this role.


Monahan's first film was unmemorable. I can't even recall its name.


Sympathy for Mr Vengeance began the trilogy, not Oldboy. Interesting news otherwise.


Will it include the kitchen table scene?

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