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David Fincher Latest Name In The Mix To Direct ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’; Jon Favreau Reportedly Chasing The Job

David Fincher Latest Name In The Mix To Direct 'Star Wars: Episode 7'; Jon Favreau Reportedly Chasing The Job

We live in a time where Jason Flemyng sort of pausing and making a funny face in an interview is “confirmation” that the rumored Matthew Vaughn is going to direct “Star Wars: Episode 7.” But that’s not to say that among the fanboy wishlists and speculation that there isn’t legitimacy to some of the names being tossed around.

We first heard about this from our sources not long after the new “Star Wars” trilogy was announced, but we never reported it because it’s been very up in the air and not quite concrete. But buried at the end of rant over at Deadline, they mention that David Fincher “might be game” for directing ‘Episode 7.’ And indeed, from what we’ve heard, Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas have had their minds on him for a long time now, and certainly the relationship is there. Kennedy produced “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” and Fincher worked at Industrial Light & Magic in his early days, most notably on “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.” So it’s not a surprise he’s on their wishlist but whether that actually happens or not seems like a huge question mark. What is apparent: they are interested in him. Whether he is interested in being part of Disney (where he also has “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” set up and is on a three month hold as they make a decision on it) and “Star Wars” machine remains to be seen.

Also, in the running? Jon Favreau. You might recall that a couple of weeks ago when asked about ‘Episode 7,’ Favreau was excited and curious about the sequel, and called the idea of new trilogy “compelling.” Well according Deadline, he’s “panting after this job” and that’s really not a surprise at all. This is the kind of thing that’s firmly in his wheelhouse, and he’d be an enthusiastic advocate for the series.

But as always, nobody is confirming anything. And do you want to know just how classified this whole process is? Just ask Alan Horn, who shared just how intense the secrecy was even around the purchase of Lucasfilm. “Not many [people knew about it]. It was a very small group. Probably a smaller group than knew about the attack on [Osama] bin Laden!” he told Vulture. And we’d wager these director talks are just as high level and hush hush until Disney makes a decision.

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Giving the gig to favreau is like giving "the dark night" movies to a replica of tim burton. Giving it to Fincher is like giving TDK to Nolan. If favreau directs, he will serve Star wars. If fincher directs, star wars will serve him. Fincher can make a starwars movie become a fincher movie… just think about it. More precise… more detail oriented… better shot… better told… better acting… more phsycological… somewhat darker… This would be amazing. Only thing is: Disney have to forget about what they think he will deliver, just shut their mouth and let him do his thing!


I honestly think this would be such a waste of time/talent if Fincher actually does it, although it would be kind of a cool watermark in his career since i'm pretty sure he did some visual effects for Return of the Jedi.


They should definatily go for Fincher. Why wouldn't they want the best director on the Star Wars movie.


Please neither of these directors. Fincher is way too pretentious and Favreau is way too ordinary (and he'll probably give himself a role in the movie).


This is what you want, this is what you get.

Northern Star

Maybe Disney will green-light Fincher's proposed remake of '20, 000 Leagues Under The Sea' on the quid pro quo that Fincher helms Episode VII first… that would be a win-win for all concerned!


I second Bela Tarr for Episode VII.


Getting Fincher to direct is the only possible way this is going to be any good but I still doubt and honestly hope he doesn't do it. The only way it'd be worth it is if after its over he got carte Blanche with Disney and could make any movie he wanted no questions asked but I doubt it'd work that way


Perhaps Disney kept Fincher on hold because they knew they has another project they could use him for. Certainly, if he's interested, Disney should jump at the chance of having him helm this. They won't have the worries of earning back the cost unlike with with Capt. Nemo and they'll still have one of the best directors around.





John Michaels

It will be Jon Favreau.

Ray H

If Fincher wants it, give it to him. He's easily the best and most exciting director who's been rumored for the gig. His next project is supposed to be a big family-friendly Disney movie anyway so I don't see any problem with wasting his talent.


Favreau and Ford have a very good relationship, so he'd be Disney's best chance of getting Han Solo back on board and getting a great performance out of Ford who, in the wrong hands, could easily sleep walk through the movie like he did ROTJ when it was pretty obvious he didn't want to be there and disagreed with parts of the script.


Christ. Can we start a petition to prevent Fincher from directing this? I'd much rather he spend his time on something else – ANYTHING else – than working under Disney control on the seventh entry of an ossified franchise that peaked 30 years ago. Shouldn't we all be rooting for him to direct something worthy of his talents?


But I thought you said David Fincher would never come near this.

Cpt. Falcon

I approve of fincher. But get favreau outta here.

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