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Destroy That Before It Destroys You: Trailer For ‘Side Effects’ With Channing Tatum & Rooney Mara

Destroy That Before It Destroys You: Trailer For 'Side Effects' With Channing Tatum & Rooney Mara

We’re coming near to the end… Steven Soderbergh‘s cinematic hiatus is imminent, but he’s looking to go out with a bang. This summer’s “Magic Mike” was not only a big hit, but managed to make a story about male strippers a throwback to character-driven movies of the ’70s. And now we have the first trailer for his penultimate film, and third team up with Channing Tatum: “Side Effects.” And, yes, it looks great.

Rooney Mara leads the picture as Emily Hawkins, who is reunited with her husband (Tatum), recently released from prison. But his return ups her anxiety, and when she turns to meds to try and regulate her feelings, things begin to spiral out of control. Penned by Scott Z. Burns (“Contagion“), this looks like a pretty ace little mindbender, with a first-rate supporting cast including Jude Law (as Emily’s psychiatrist, who seems to have his own more personal interest in her), Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vinessa Shaw and more.

Oh yeah, that music in the first part of the trailer? That’s “Physical Liaison” from Clint Mansell‘s score to “Last Night” (listen below), but it’s actually Thomas Newman who will be tuning up the finished picture. “Side Effects” opens on February 8, 2013.

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Why Soderbergh uses Channing Tatum quite some times, for sure in Soderbergh's films the creating the atmosphere is not for these stars, is like in this film Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara just play the couple, as the important storyline, but the key whole point the atmosphere is not just about them, and those awesome actors are not just for supporting roles functionally.

Mister McCracken

This is the closest Soderbergh will probably get to making a DePalma film… the script is trashy in all the best ways. So glad the trailer doesn't give away the turning point in the film… it does a great job of covering it up.


I think it looks pretty great. Some beautiful shots in there. As for it looking like a different, more romantic movie at the beginning, yeah that's the point. Horror movie trailers do that all the time.

Oogle monster

If I didn't know any better, I would think the first half of this trailer was taken from The Vow with Mara photoshopped in. This looks AWFUL. But I trust Sodey and Law… not a fan of Mara or Tatum… so we shall see.

Bob Funn

It is odd that Jude Law is playing a similar character in another Soderbergh pic but I'll take any Soderbergh pic anyway I can get it. The idea that he will no longer make movies is devastating.


Yet another trailer pointlessly premiering on Yahoo video, where it looks like La Jetee – a series of still images freezing up my computer. Hate Yahoo video, will rewatch when this shows up somewhere with normal video.


Looks great ? wtf it looks worse than those straiight to dvd films, especially in the 'cinematography' department lol i miss old soderbergh


Looks great! Jude Law as a sketchy guy doing suspicious dealing with medication again though? Glad to see Vinessa Shaw is in this too

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