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Don Cheadle On The Five Stages of An Actor’s Life + Prepping For Miles Davis Project

Don Cheadle On The Five Stages of An Actor's Life + Prepping For Miles Davis Project

“You know the five stages of an actor’s life?” he [Don Cheadle] asks. “‘Who’s Don Cheadle? Get me Don Cheadle. Get me a Don Cheadle type. Get me a young Don Cheadle. Who the hell is Don Cheadle?’ Well, every actor gets to that last one eventually,” he says, admiring the dials on his Royal Oak watch. “I’m not quite there yet, and I want to wring everything I can out of this life before I am.”

A quote from a Hollywood Reporter interview with Don Cheadle, posted a week ago, which I bookmarked, and only just got around to reading.

I just thought it was funny enough to share, and so I did!

Essentially, in this business, if Cheadle’s 5 stages are accurate, you end up right back where you started! Maybe this’ll become some kind of an internet meme like the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon thing – grouping actors according to stages as laid out by Cheadle.

And based on that, I’d say that many black Hollywood studio actors are stuck in the “Who’s Don Cheadle?” and “Who The Hell Is Don Cheadle?” stages; there are very few who are in the “Get Me Don Cheadle” stage; even fewer in the “Get Me A Don Cheadle Type” and “Get Me A Young Don Cheadle” stages.

In the interview, Cheadle talks about practicing trumpet during his lunchtime on the set of his Showtime series, House of Lies, in preparation for the Miles Davis biopic he’s been trying to get made forever! Unfortunately, nothing’s revealed about the status of that project.

You can read the full interview HERE.

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Monique A Williams

Mmmmm. Don Cheadle. Love him. He's awesome on House of Lies.


Don is a great actor, I been a fan since I saw his performance in "Devil in a blue dress".
I also enjoyed him on the 90s tv show, "Picket Fences".


I can't wait to view the production.


I love Don Cheadle and he is a unique actor in his own way…there's no one like him.


Just want to make you guys know that the 'stages of an actor's life' is an old adage in Hollywood. I think it originates from the '60s. :) But other than that — I agree with everything discussed.


Don Cheadle can act. It`s simple but high praise when it comes to black actors, you either can or you cant.
He can mix it up from homeboy to professional in his field. His cameo role in, Devil In A Blue Dress, is up there with the best IMO. I`ll see anything he`s in, because Don Cheadle CAN act.


The five stages quote is both genius and hilarious at the same time. A casting choice that actually makes sense in every way……

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