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From The Producers Of ‘Kinyarwanda’ Comes ‘What About Us?” Starring Jasmine Guy

From The Producers Of 'Kinyarwanda' Comes 'What About Us?" Starring Jasmine Guy

Details in press release below…

Oct 31, 2012 – “What About Us?” ( ( a movie directed by Sundance award-winning producer Deatra L. Harris, explores the disparities of media coverage and resources certain families receive when their loved ones go missing.  The film which stars actor-dancer-director, Jasmine Guy will debut Friday, November 9th at the 3rd Annual BronzeLens Film Festival ( hosted at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis that will feature nearly 50 new films – new features, shorts, and documentary films from filmmakers across the country, the Caribbean, and Africa.

In “What About Us?” Guy portrays a troubled woman whose issues are not immediately apparent until the culmination of events at the end of the film.  The film is emotional, provocative and will certainly resonate with anyone who has been affected by a missing loved one.   Harris, one of the founding partners in Visigoth Pictures ( explains, “This was one of the first scripts I wrote when I started my film career over five years ago.  I wanted to give a voice to those families who struggle to be heard and struggle desperately to receive the help and resources when their loved ones go missing”.   

Visigoth Pictures partnered with Peas in their Pods(, a local non-profit organization that supports families with missing children here in Atlanta.  The film used an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds and awareness for not only the production of the film, but to also help support their community partner.   Visigoth also found a way to further give back to the Atlanta community by having 16-year-old Atlanta based singer/songwriterLyric Rachae’ perform the title track to the film which was produced by Atlanta’s own State of Mind Muzic.  In addition, they brought in 20 Dunwoody High School students to intern on set during production.

After seeing Pearl Cleage’s “The Nacirema Society” and Guy’s stellar performance as “Janet Logan”, Deatra took a chance and approached Jasmine about starring in and possibly executive producing her film “What About Us?” Jasmine read the script and was on board in a matter of days. “Not only is the state of missing children in crisis, so is the status of which parents receive help and which ones do not. ‘What About Us’ is a film that helps bring to light the injustice and disparity between those children we help find and those we ignore,” Guy states.

Teaser trailer below:

What About Us? Trailer from Bryan Johnson on Vimeo.

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Teri Rain

When and where will be able to watch this film on the West Coast?
We live in San Diego, California. Thanks


Congrats Ms. Harris and all involved!!! Watching the trailer you can see the talent in front of and behind the lens. Glad a woman of color spear-headed this. Everything I saw on that trailer looked and sounded believable. If this can be done for a short — imagine what can be done with a full-length feature. We (as an audience) need to continue to support these richly told indie dramas in higher numbers and not overlook them in favor of movies with little substance (or story development) that we think will "sell"– especially when they look like they are well done and well told, like this one does. I applaud the courage, effort and sacrifices made to get this story told. Any indie filmmaker/producer knows it not only takes money, but a small army of talent and crew willing to work (in many cases for free) to pull off these projects– often with little sleep and sometimes with internal and external conflicts to deal with. All we, the un-involved bystanders, get to see are the final results to judge and pick apart based on our own personal judgments, experiences and/or tastes. Considering all that — any filmmaker who can continue to move the work forward and find ways to bring it to life should be applauded and celebrated for having the courage to bring it forth and lay it on the table for the world to see. Didn't mean to get all deep, but I am inspired when good filmmakers come forth with good work. Deatra Harris represents that as well as a new crop of Black Female Directors rising to be seen AND heard. Love it!!!

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