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George Lucas Says He Won’t Be Choosing The Next ‘Star Wars’ Director, Keeps Talking His Personal Movies No One Will See

George Lucas Says He Won't Be Choosing The Next 'Star Wars' Director, Keeps Talking His Personal Movies No One Will See

Another day, another “Star Wars” update, and this will be the way of things for a while as fans dig in for three years of waiting until “Star Wars: Episode 7 — There’s Still Money To Be Made” hits theaters in 2015. And while fan wishlists are being made up for who will direct the upcoming sequel (or sequels), George Lucas himself reveals he won’t take part in the selection process.

“I’ve turned it over to a wonderful producer, Kathy Kennedy, and I’ve known her for years. She’s more than capable of taking it and making it better than I did,” he told EW when asked if he would assist in choosing a helmer. As for what he’ll do next now that he’s stepping away from both “Star Wars” and Lucasfilm? Well, he’s still talking up making small, indie movies in his garage as he has been for years.

Earlier this year he confirmed “Red Tails” was going to be his last “blockbuster” movie (and that was a picture he executive produced — Anthony Hemingway directed) and stressed his desire to make the kind of small scale movies he used to do at U.S.C. in the 1960s. And he realizes that perhaps no one will see the creations he comes up with.

“I barely got ‘Red Tails’ into the theaters,” he says of the WWII Tuskegee Airmen drama. “The ones I’m working on now will never get into the theaters.” One can’t help but be curious about what Lucas is up to unfettered by the end need to make money and sell toys, but we’ll just have to wait to see if/when he decides to share his work.

So that’s your “Star Wars” update for now. Does it matter that George Lucas won’t be involved in choosing the director? And even if not, will that helmer still be beholden to his vision (remember, Lucas is still a consultant on these)? Lots of questions yet to be answered, let us know your thoughts below.

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If I was Lucas, I'd make films in my garage all the time. His 'garage' is a huge studio with the best possible equipment. These films don't cost a thing and a lot of young actors would work for free just to get in the business.
What is he waiting for? He's not getting younger.


Spielberg wasn't begging Lucas to direct because he wasn't able to do any of the previous films due to strict DGA union rules. People forget that with the exception of the original, all of the were independently financed by George himself. Because he withdrew from the DGA, WGA, and Producers Guild over persecution and threats over the success Empire he was unable to use DGA directors (like Spielberg). It's why he had someone like Marquand instead of Steven like he wanted. That's the exiting thing about the Disney purchase as it opens the door to possibilities not available before. That being said, no way Spielberg directs a picture he doesn't control. He doesn't do "for hire" work anymore.


THX 1138 is a great movie. I've always been really curious to see all these indie projects he's been talking about.

Cpt. Falcon

George is surprisingly more aware than I thought


Spielberg or nobody for 7-9. He's been begging George for decades.


I read somewhere that he donated the 4 billion he made from this deal to charity. Not sure how true that is but it kind of changes my perspective of him a lot if it is

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