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Hannah, Marnie, Jessa & Adam Are Back In First Images From ‘Girls’ Season 2

Hannah, Marnie, Jessa & Adam Are Back In First Images From 'Girls' Season 2

Here we go again. Let’s cue up the Criterion Collection whiners about “Tiny Furniture” or those others who feel Lena Dunham hasn’t paid whatever ephemeral dues she needs to in order to qualify for the acclaim she has earned thus far at the age of 26. Haters gonna hate, but frankly Dunham is doing just fine without those folks, and less than a year after “Girls” made a serious splash on HBO, season 2 is on the way.

The first images from the upcoming series of episodes with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa (where’s her husband?) and Adam (broken leg, after being hit by a car in the season finale) all back are here via EW. And there’s lots of questions to be answered in the next batch of shows, including what remains of Hannah and Marnie’s relationship and whether or not Shoshanna and Ray are still together. ”You know how an infant doubles its weight in the first few weeks of its life?” Dunham told EW. ”That’s what’s happening to these girls right now.” 

John Slattery, Patrick Wilson and Bob Balaban are all slated for guest appearances and there are likely more surprises under the hood. “Girls” returns on January 13, 2013.

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It's less 'haters gonna hate' & more 'Lena Dunham is given a pass with flying colors on a lot of bad writing' that you call out other writers for doing. When Dunham writes something trite & unfocused it's seemingly 'self-aware' & 'of-her-generation' yet when another writer or filmmaker does the exact same thing either before her or at the same time period it's 'shallow' & 'boring'.

It's whatever. I think she's far too overrated. Nothing she's made has been anymore impressive than anything else that comes out of the tired & past it's time NYC indie scene.


This is why we can't have nice things on the internet. If the only thing you have to offer against Criterion whiner and people lazy enough to judge Dunham on her age is "haters gonna hate": it is not an improvement. Plus it's tricky, the fact that she is 26 doesn't magically make whatever she writes "meaningfuuul" (oh that word). Only question is : is she that talented ? Is it that better that Oscar baits and super hero flicks ?


Those shorts make it look like she's wearing a diaper. I can't believe Criterion condones this. We should all writer letters.


it's sad but true. fad.


i found the series to be uneven, but not devoid of comedic talent. lena play the perpetual loser rather well. adam driver is definitely one to look out for. he shines in every scene he's in. quite funny that it's the guy who outshines all the girls in a show called Girls.


I second YER. This show just isn't very good


Can't wait for this Lena Dunham fad to be over.

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