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Idris Elba Is A Beast Of The English Wild In Mumford & Sons Video He Directed & Stars In

Idris Elba Is A Beast Of The English Wild In Mumford & Sons Video He Directed & Stars In

It took me a 3 screenings, but I figured out what's going on her; at least I think I did. See where your own intepretation takes you.

Idris Elba has been on a music video directing kick lately, after having recently directed one for one of his own tracks, while shooting his Mandela film in South Africa. I'd say his warming up for his feature film directorial debut, won't you?

Watch the Mumford & Sons video below, for a track titled Lover of the Light (the title is obviously a clue):

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First, we have to consider that the focus should be on the "song", not the video. I am suggesting the meaning is in the lyrics. Now, in relation to the video, it's a given that's he's blind. It's illustrated by the white cane and the way he glides his fingers over his ties. He's feeling for little stitches the blind use to distinguish/mark their clothing. In the egg scene, it was more about distance and splash than temperature. Same thing with the coffee, he was merely reaching out to find it. Water boils when hot and he fixed and poured the coffee. So again, listen to the words. Along with the title, here's a couple that I believe gives a closer "insight" . "Stretch out my life and pick the seams out. Take what you like but close my ears and eyes watch me stumble over and over" . Now forget the fact that the man is blind (throw that out) what's left? Here's another: "I had done wrong you built your tower. But call me home and I will build a throne and wash my eyes out never again. " Hmmmm….

Geneva Girl

Please, please give your interpretation. I watched it with my ten-year old and we both responded with a, "Huh?" I don't know if I'll give it three viewings to figure it out.


If he knocks off the deer, he'll get his sight back? :)

Charles Judson

He's blind throughout the picture. When his hand is hovering over the boiling water it's a technique used to judge the temperature and also to make sure he doesn't drop the egg in, splashing hot water all over the place. Same with how he holds the cup of coffee to judge if it's too hot. When he's walking the down the steps his arms are spread to navigate so he's in the center. The entire film makes a lot of references to how he uses his senses–listening for the ocean as an example, the deer is a red herring of sorts–to find his way around, including using those same techniques to find the light. Without the light he has to be self reliant and he uses that self reliance to chase the light before it sets for the day. Underlying message seems to be about determination.


This video only makes pure sense to Idris. The only interpretation I could come with is that he woke up one morning and could see but there is still a lot left up to opinion. I actually want my 6 mins back. Btw Idris, get in the gym!


Self indulgent malarky.


That picture is his reaction to Tyler asking him to be in another madea movie.

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