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If ‘Skyfall’ Reaches $1 Billion, Who Makes How Much?

If 'Skyfall' Reaches $1 Billion, Who Makes How Much?

With an $88.4 million domestic haul on its opening weekend and a $428.7 million international haul thus far, Sam Mendes’ “Skyfall” could be the first Bond film to pass the $1 billion mark worldwide. Who will benefit the most from this skyfall of success? MGM, producers and rightsholders Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, and distributor Sony Pictures, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Reportedly MGM, Broccoli and Wilson will jointly collect a massive 75% of profits, based on a complicated deal struck between Sony and MGM after the latter went into bankruptcy in 2010. That leaves the remaining 25% for Sony, which bankrolled part of “Skyfall”‘s production cost ($210 million, under $200 million after tax breaks).

The breakdown of the 75% between MGM and the Broccoli family (Barbara and Michael G. Wilson are the half-siblings and heirs to original 007 producer Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli) is complicated by a number of different factors, including Sony’s overhead, distribution fee and P& A costs, as well as the divvying up of theatrical, homevideo and other ancillary revenues. But a finance expert queried by THR estimates that the studio and Broccoli siblings could make approximately $150 million in profits if “Skyfall” does reach $1 billion.

Daniel Craig, who reportedly made $17 million for “Skyfall” and is expected to make bonuses after certain box office milestones, will not benefit from the grosses, as the Broccolis notoriously do not offer backend to talent. However, the success of “Skyfall” could put Craig in the $20-million paycheck zone for the next Bond installment, ranking him with Hollywood’s highest-paid stars.

Even director Sam Mendes, who waited patiently for a year without pay to make this film while the project stalled during bankruptcy proceedings gets a payout when the movie hits certain b.o. markers. He delivered.

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I find Craig both an average looking bloke and a good actor which makes it more interesting as Bond, maybe,mmm. Still Skyfall defied my expectations and is definately the best Bond in recent memory, at least back to Roger Moore days. And after Craig, I fully expect James Purefoy of Solomon Kane fame to take the mantel.


Well, being that this is Craigs last Bond film he wont be getting that 20mil paycheck

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