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In the Works: Vaughn Rumored for New ‘Star Wars’ Installment; Ford Interested in Revisiting Han Solo

In the Works: Vaughn Rumored for New 'Star Wars' Installment; Ford Interested in Revisiting Han Solo

One of the exciting prospects for veteran Spielberg poducer Kathleen Kennedy as the new president at Disney-owned Lucasfilm is that she is more than capable of developing a strong script and luring gifted filmmakers to the planned “Star Wars” franchise reboot. Even without a script on hand, directors are lining up.

Director Matthew Vaughn (“Kick Ass,” “Layer Cake” and “X-Men: First Class”) is rumored to be in talks to direct the newly announced “Star Wars: Episode VII,” having recently dropped out of the next “X-Men” installment (old hand Bryan Singer is taking the reins). The news of “Episode VII” came last week during Disney’s announcement of the major purchase of Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion.

Meanwhile, Harrison Ford says he is open to the idea of playing Han Solo again in “Episode VII,” which reportedly takes up decades after 1983’s “Episode VI” left off. Presumably the older trio would hand off the story to a younger generation, a tried-and-true approach to rebooting a franchise, much as a senior Spock (Leonard Nimoy) did in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek.”

EW reports that not only Ford, but “all three”–including Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker and Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia–are interested in being involved with the upcoming Star Wars film. EW speculates that if Ford were to draw up a new contract, it would involve a mandatory death scene for Solo. The character was originally meant to die in “Return of the Jedi,” but according to Ford, his bankability as an action figure kept Solo alive.

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Lisa Martin

This is only right and proper. The parents handing off their legacy to their children. Han and Leia's children and Luke's children. It's about time to continue the dream of new worlds with old friends and the birth of new ones.


FULL STOP – Stars Wars is so much more than 6 movies and a cartoon series. There are 100's of novels by talented writers. Take a look at My personal preference is that they bring Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy to the big screen. This would introduce Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Dark Jedi Joruus C'baoth, and Mara Jade (you met her in Jaba's palace) to those who have not read the novels.


Solo should have kicked the bucket in ROTJ. He was reduced to a silly slapstick role in that movie with little to do at all. Compared to Empire that is.


What about chewie, he was alive in the 1st and 2nd trilogies.


Never kill solo, dont even go there. Dumbest consideration ever.


you cannot kill a pimp space pirate like Solo… anything you would do would be equivalent to Kirk's death in Star Trek Generations…..lame ….let him die of natural causes …in our imaginations!!


What about Billy Dee!?!?!?!


Eric you beat me to it!

Han is pivotal in two of the EU's biggest story lines – his kids Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo played a major part in the Yhuzhsn Vong War and the Galactic Alliance Civil War.


Han was never supposed to die. That idiot Gary Kurtz wanted it, but the only one that matters, Lucas, NEVER wanted it.


Disney may have purchased LucasFilms but did they buy LucasBooks? As the continuing Star Wars books have Han Solo alive 40 years plus into the future and counting

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