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Jamaican Box Office Hit ‘Ghett’a Life’ Coming Out On DVD

Jamaican Box Office Hit 'Ghett'a Life' Coming Out On DVD

I will honestly admit to you that I am rather still surprised that the “life-in-da-hood” movies still have a life.

How long have they been around? 20 years at least. There must still be an audience for them, or else why do they still keep making them?

Tambay, two months ago, profiled (HERE) this “100% Jamaican” (according to the press release) film Ghett’a Life, written, produced and directed by Chris Browne, which became the biggest grossing box office film on the island in 2011. 

The film went on to win the Best International Film Award at the San Francisco Black Film Festival, and shared the Jury Award at the Aruba International Film Festival.

In fact, Browne was quite overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to his film in his homeland. He says that: “the response in Jamaica was overwhelming. Friends would call me from the cinema and hold up their cell phone at the end of the film so I could hear the audience on their feet cheering and clapping.

Now you too will soon have the chance to see what the cheering was all about, when Ghett’a Life comes out on DVD on Feb. 16, 2013 through Jinga Films Ltd. It’s available now on pre-order on Amazon.

Here’s the trailer:

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Theres an audience because for many, this is reality. There will always be an audience for lily white suburban romantic comedies too…go figure.

Geneva Girl

I guess we'll be buying it. Hubby hasn't lived in Jamaica for almost 20 years, so anything Jamaican is welcome, no matter the subject. He'll invited his compatriots over to watch this. I will make other plans for that evening.


PAIN will always have a life. Who writes for this blog? Did this person graduate from college???

Almost all nollywood film are about PAIN. And you damn shoo aint gonna get a oscar without Showing Pain! Stop being STUPID because you are biased against anything Overtly Masculine and from the Western Diaspora.

Boss Nigger

They've been around since the 60's. Remember The Cool World, Superfly, The Education of Sonny Carson, Los Olvidados, etc?

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