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Jill Scott Lands Roles In Fox’s ‘Fringe’ And Woody Allen’s ‘Fading Gigolo’

Jill Scott Lands Roles In Fox's 'Fringe' And Woody Allen's 'Fading Gigolo'

We’re late on reporting this, but better late than never.

Jill Scott will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Fringe, playing a character named Simone, who is described as “an incredibly intuitive woman, an oracle-like person,” who will help Olivia (Anna Torv) in an early Season 5 episode.

Ms Scott’s on somewhat of a roll in terms of her acting career; in addition to co-starring in Lifetime’s recent hit remake of Steel Magnolias, she’s also currently shooting the Fox Searchlight’s romcom Baggage Claim, with Paula Patton, and, both The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly say that she’s been cast in Woody Allen’s next film.

Although neither specify what film that is, and what role she’ll be playing in it. Research informed me that Fading Gigolo is Woody Allen’s next film, which stars, Allen, John TurturroSofía Vergara and Sharon Stone, in a story about a man (played by Turturro) who decides to become a professional Don Juan as a way of making money to help his cash-strapped friend, Murray (played by Allen).

When we know more about Jill’s involvement, we’ll share here.

Fringe airs Fridays at 9/8c on Fox.

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while i'm happy for Jill Scott, do we need yet another 'magical negro' helping the white protagonist with her/his wisdom? she couldn't have been a kick-ass leader of the resistance that joins forces?

hopefully she doesn't die in some noble sacrifice to inspire Olivia


I hate Woody Allen..he is a child molester! why do Hollywood keeps working with this pervert?!?!


Yay! "Fringe" is a well done show.

D.C. Kirkwood

I enjoy Jill Scott as an actress and singer. I don't watch Fringe but Ill be tuning in to see her. Thanks for the heads up.

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