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Juliette Binoche & Clive Owen Will Romance Each Other With ‘Words And Pictures’

Juliette Binoche & Clive Owen Will Romance Each Other With 'Words And Pictures'

Man, talk about a movie title that is going to be a pain to Google. Fred Schepisi (“Roxanne,” “Mr. Baseball,” “The Eye Of The Storm“) is lining up his next movie, the blandly titled “Word And Pictures,” but luckily his two leads are much livelier.

The always awesome Juliette Binoche and the suave Clive Owen are set to star in the film, penned by Gerald DiPego (“Phenomenon,” “Message In a Bottle”). The story takes place at an elite, insular New England prep school where a charismatic English teacher (Owen) and an intensely private art teacher (Binoche) create an improbable relationship, then proceed to complicate their lives with romance. Guys, get it? WORDS AND PICTURES. Okay, the premise sounds pretty generic, but in the hands of these actors we’ll definitely be willing to see what they make of it.

Production on the movie will begin in March, and we’re likely to write a few more words and include some pictures about it between now and then. 

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Jesus! Of all the films that Schepisi has made, you cite "Roxanne" (pretty good), "Mr. Baseball" (lousy) and "The Eye Of The Storm" (lousy-er)? What about "The Devil's Playground", "The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith" or "Six Degrees of Separation", which are all extremely impressive achievements. I bet Kevin hasn't even seen the first two.


great pair


I love Binoche, she's always great and one of the few french actresses that are really amazing to me (With M.Cotillard, E.Green, M.Laurent, O.Kurylenko and the newly discovered B.Bejo) Clive seems to like working with them, after Cotillard and Canet with Blood Ties, now it's Binoche.

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