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Kevin Clash ‘Highly Unlikely’ To Return To ‘Sesame Street’

Kevin Clash 'Highly Unlikely' To Return To 'Sesame Street'

In the followup to my item yesterday about the sex abuse scandal involving Kevin Clash of Sesame Street, most people were outraged, although some commenters here on S & A and elsewhere, wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But let’s be honest folks. It’s over for him.

According to entertainment columnist Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times, high level sources at the Sesame Workshop told him that it was “highly unlikely” that Clash would ever return to the show.

In fact one source invloved with the show told Zwecker that “unless things suddenly move in Kevin’s direction right away, and he is proven to be a victim of an ugly smear, rather than an adult sexual predator of a minor, he is finished in the world of children’s entertainment.” 

The Sesame Workshop, which made $47 million in merchandising last year, also released an official statement saying that: Elmo is bigger than any one person and will continue to be an integral part of Sesame Street.  

Or, in other words, Clash is expendable, we’re giving him the kiss off, and finding someone else to do Elmo.

And there has already been more fallout. The documentary Being Elmo, about Clash and his career in puppetry, which was scheduled to air on local PBS stations this month around the country, such as WTTW in Chicago this week, is being pulled from their schedules and replaced with other programs.

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Jim Henson is turning in his grave. This is a discusting scandal Kevin clash has brought upon seaseme street.

D.C. Kirkwood

It doesn't matter whether it was consensual or not. Kevin is at fault here. Plain and simple. He is the older adult that has built a career that requires him to work around children. There is an image that he signed on for and has been paid very well to perform. He should have made sure he protected that image at all cost whether gay or straight. Just like people who work for Disney. They have a level of integrity they must uphold. He should have dated someone his age and some one who obviously doesn't have a wrap sheet that includes sticking some one up with a butcher knife. Hello. I mean after seven years of consensual sex with this young man. He didn't know this guy was shady. Please. He was giving this young man money as a sugar daddy and when he cut him off the young man got mad. He used poor judgment and he now paying for it and rightlfully so.


I'm sorry for Kevin Clash. Per the other party and him, the relationship/sex was consensual and between adults. I hope that he returns to his job. If he doesn't then the "crime" will be being gay and the "sentence" will be to be unemployed. What a shame. This reminds me of the apparent jilted gay lover in the "Terrell Carter" incident. Terrell Carter once outed by an apparent former/jilted lover quickly went back in the closet and he hasn't looked back. This also reminds me of the "Bishop" Eddie Long cases. Although it appears the Eddie Long dealt with consenting adults, he also appears to have engaged in hypocritical behavior with the consenting adults.


Make sure your follow up piece mentions the reported six-figure settlement paid to the young man for recanting his statement.


The accuser has recanted:


Well Kevin Clash should have known better he works on a children's network for goodness sake! No children's network is going to want to work with a man accused of having sex with a minor. I don't think Clash is a pedophile though. I think in New Jersey the age of consent is age sixteen. I hear in America the age of consent is different depending on the state. In New York state it is a felony for an adult to have sex with someone under the age of seventeen.

Sesame Street has an image to maintain and he destroyed his own image by fooling around with a guy far too young to be with.
But, I wonder if Clash can sue Sesame Street for wrongful dismissal? I imagine Clash will probably get some money from the network but he really hurt his image. The guy could be a jilted gay lover also why did the guy go to the network and not the authorities? Does this make sense?


I mean, someone please explain this to me because I just don't understand… How many examples need to be made before these people get it?

As the saying goes, "Oh, how the mighty fall"… And (not saying he did it, but) even the late great King of Pop fell victim, what made Mr. Clash think he was untouchable? My man, you're the voice of Elmo. You've made a career out of bringing children joy and made SERIOUS BANK in the process. Walk the straight and narrow, give back to the community and continue to be the person eveyone believes you to be and you've basically got a free pass into Heaven.


I saw his documentary. His road to success was long and challenging but he made it. His dream came true. So… was it worth it? Well, we all know the answer to that… But what's really fucked up… I mean, what's REALLY fucked up is that all the naysayers who had suspicions, who dissed and doubted him as he worked hard to prove them wrong ended up having the last laugh.

You let the black community down Mr. Clash, but even worse, you letdown the kids.

I was always a Grover fan anyway – DEUCES!!

Monique A. Williams

This grown ass man said he had a consensual relationship with a 16 year old. I'm not "waiting to see" how this unfolds. He's dead in the water.


They should put the young man in jail for false accusation.

Aaron Lee Scott

I thought he was the creator of Elmo and owned the rights to the character but I guess not since they are kicking him to the curb and will replace him.


I'm not sure what to believe anymore, it seems everyone is fake and pretending to be something that they are not.. I guess Romney couldn't get Big Bird so his cronies settled on Elmo instead, the timing of this exposure is suspect. Will people pull funding from PBS????


I'm not sure what to believe anymore, it seems everyone is fake and pretending to be something that they are not.. I guess Romney couldn't get Big Bird so his cronies settled on Elmo instead, the timing of this exposure is suspect. Will people pull funding from PBS????

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