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Kevin Clash’s Accuser Recants Sex Abuse Claim – But Is It Too Late?

Kevin Clash's Accuser Recants Sex Abuse Claim - But Is It Too Late?

There has been a dramatic new development regarding the Kevin Clash sex scandal, that has now turned everything upside down.

Clash’s still unnamed accuser, who charged him with sex abuse and an unlawful sexual relationship seven years ago when he was 16 and Clash was 45, has now recanted his story. He now says that he was an adult at the time of their relationship.

The law firm of Andreozzi and Associates, who has been representing the accuser, released a statement this afternoon that the person in question: “wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult relationship.

How the whole thing came apart, and was this, as some suspected, a “shakedown’ is yet to be revealed. And reports or rumors about any secret financial settlement are completely unverified.

Clash, in response to this turnaround, also released his own statement saying that: “I am relieved that this painful allegation has been put to rest. I will not discuss it further.

However, what people are no doubt discussing right now, is whether or not this will forever damage Clash’s career. In my article earlier today, I quoted an exec with the Sesame Workshop who was quoted as saying that it was, “hightly unlikely” that Clash would return to the show.       

However, the exec was also quoted as saying that: “unless things suddenly move in Kevin’s direction right away, and he is proven to be a victim of an ugly smear, rather than an adult sexual predator of a minor, he is finished in the world of children’s entertainment.” 

So will they be as good as their word, and let Clash return to the show? Or will they let him go?

Sesame Street and PBS have always been concerned about their image, so this whole incident involving Clash maybe too hot for them, and they may find themselves forced to cut him loose for image sake.

What do you say?

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There's no going back. You cannot recover from this. I do hope he levels a suit at the false accuser.

Too Bad

Unfortunately, I think he's done. America is homophobic, and even though Sesame Street is everybody-friendly, the parents who buy their merchandise are not. It is unfortunate that this happened, but lie or no-lie, it's toothpaste out the tube. As far as the accuser, he needs to be sued and/or sent to jail and the law firm too for making false claims that could mean millions in lost dollars if the world puts Elmo down for this. And for the record, I'm sure his accuser is white.


I'm pretty sure everyone working at Sesame Street knew that Clash was gay. In fact, he probably is not the only one. From watching the documentary about him, it seems like he is pretty important to Sesame Street overall not just as the voice of Elmo. I think Sesame Street should take him back and refuse to talk about it further. The more they talk about it the more damage it will do. 3 and 4 yr old kids do not care about the man behind Elmo's voice, they don't even want to know there is a man there. So as long as parents don't get freaked out, he should be OK. Also, I think charges should be brought against the young man and his law firm for defamation of character.

I hope he doesn't get the Pee Wee Herman treatment. I know a lot of people and kids who were very upset when Pee Wee's playhouse was taken off the air. On another note, his career doesn't have to be over. He can start creating puppets for prime time television or movies. Or just go behind the scenes and stop doing voices and just direct and produce.

Dr Love

The ultimate focus and issue of this entire ordeal lies in Seaseme Street and Kevin Clash being able to make a sound, fair and courageous decision that is in alignment with the truthful facts. The 23 yr old has apparently recanted his story, allowing both Seseame Street and Kevin Clash to now make a decision that transcends beyond the Shame and embarrassment projected by the media and the immature minds most likely to be paralyzed and intimidated by such false accusations made by the 23 year old. I am sure this is not the first time a false accusation has been made against someone in a high profile career of this nature, nor will it be the last. I think Seseame Street should exude an action beyond the typical reigns of shame and fear of their image or product, and allow Mr. Clash to continue on in his role as the voice behind Elmo. Allowing the stained residual of such a false accusation to influence Seseame Streets decision terminate Clash, would not only raise deeper concern and questions of Seseame Street showing a double standards and bias due to Clash's sexual orientation, but could further paralyze other high profile individuals toward being susceptible to living in greater fear and intimidation of being bullied by others seeking to financially capitalized off of their success due to the accusers own unresolved issues. SHIT HAPPENS. We are all human, sexual, complicated, immature at times and evolving. Seseame Street can Forgive, give the man his job back and move forth fearlessly with the lessons learned on all sides integrated into a more conscious way of conducting ones affairs from now on. We are living in a differnt time where sexual orientation and false accusations should not continually stain a person's career. I have personally known Mr Clash for 16 years, and he is a personable, down to earth, intelligent, warm, generous, honest and strong man. He is an excellent and attentive father and exceptional human being. I NEVER believed that these accusations were true. If anything, I feel Kevin could be faulted for being naieve in his dealings with others who he might date. Often times we can never know the true nature of people whom we become involved with, until some damage has been done. Yet even when damage is done, we all must know how to rebuild fairly without still holding the shadow of shame over another unfairly, simply because we either choose NOT to forget or we are too attached to the false images and beliefs of celebrity figures needing to be PERFECT.


He's done.
Irrespective of Kevin being gay there is the issue of a middle aged man getting involved with an immature young person who obviously has some troubles. Given the high risk to his career by his personal choices this calls into question Clash's ability to make decisions which affect people beyond himself. This lack of critical thinking would naturally lead anyone to believe he's no longer capable of leading the show.


I wonder if this is homophobia? I agree that since Kevin Clash works for a television network geared towards children it hurts the image of the network because parents want their kids to watch a show that is family entertainment. However, Clash's accuser changed his case suddenly he says they had an adult homosexual relationship. So, the question is now, is Sesame Street going to fire Clash because he hooked up with someone young or really because the network is homophobic? If Clash slept with a younger female would anyone care?

Adam Scott Thompson


Kaos Blac

I really think there is a double standard here, if he was having a relation ship with a female and this whole scenario played out in the same fashion up until this point people would relent but since it was a homosexual relationship Clash is getting the heave-ho.


I prayed a positive prayer for him earlier this afternoon. I prayed that he would be cleared if the underaged aspect of this was a lie.


I agree with the first commenter in the sense that it still doesn't look good for him to have been sporting around with someone that young, given that he works in children's programming (although his audience is a good 10+ years younger than his tastes.) I don't know how easily this can be turned around for him. I actually think… talking about it candidly might actually work for him, doing a few TV shows, that kind of thing. I'm no PR maven, but I think getting his face out there would help him save it… he's a very warm, friendly, and charismatic from a genuine place.

I'm a huge fan of the guy as a person, love his story, Being Elmo instantly became one of my favorite movies after watching it the first time, but he really used piss poor judgment in dealing with someone under 18 period, even if it was legal. Heck, even dealing with someone under 21 would make him look like a creeper, given his industry. I hope this doesn't ruin him.


Like I said yesterday….that's elmo's worlddddddddddddd!


I say he's still done. While I don't have any reason not to believe Clash, he didn't exactly do himself any favors by having a sexual relationship with a teen (adult or not), when he was nearing 50, especially when you consider what he did for a living and who he worked for. It just doesn't look good for a grown-ass man who works on a beloved kiddie show, and in a prominent role, who's in a sexual relationship with a teen, even if it was all legal.

If he was making movies or TV shows for adults, I don't think anyone would care as much. But the fact that it's Sesame Street is just not a good look for him. He really should've known how this would look if it ever became public, whether or not it was a consensual adult relationship.

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