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Kickstarter Campaign For Documentary About Black Women In World War II

Kickstarter Campaign For Documentary About Black Women In World War II

Granted there are a lot of Kickstarter campaigns for a lot of black independent films. Some of them are worthwhile and others…not so worthwhile. But now and then, a project comes along that stands above the rest.

And such is the case with Invisible Warriors, a documentary currently in post-production, which chronicles the lives and experiences of African-American women during World War II, and their “triumph over the stigma they faced by being both black and female.”

The film will tell the story of Black women who fought for their civil rights and who empowered themselves while working in war production, government offices and in the U.S. Military.”.

The film is being produced and directed by Gregory S. Cooke through his production company, Charlie Horse Productions, and is scheduled to be completed in mid-2013.

To find out more, there is a website for the film that you can go to HERE; and to make a contribtuon to the film through Kickstarter go HERE. Their goal is to raise $40,000 in the next 16 days.

Below is an extended 7 minute trailer for the film:

h/t to Candace Allen

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Well, I said I was going to take a break from the kickstarter campaigns until I can determine whether or not the money I've given previously will actually be put to use…But, I can't pass on this one. I'm in and can't wait to check out the finished product!

Adam Scott Thompson

Great documentary topic!


I'm an African woman enamored with African American female history and the resilience my beautiful sisters across the pond, displayed. I will make a contribution! Hope to see it soon.


Thanks for posting this. I just made a contribution to the campaign. This is a story that definitely needs to be told.

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