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‘Last Report’ Gets Canceled By ABC, Along With ‘666 Park Avenue’

'Last Report' Gets Canceled By ABC, Along With '666 Park Avenue'

ABC announced this afternoon that it would not be continuing with “Last Resort,” its military drama about a rogue nuclear submarine created by Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”). Also getting the chop is “666 Park Avenue,” David Wilcox’s horror series about a demonic Upper East Side apartment building.

While “666 Park Avenue” has struggled between being either too cheesy or not nearly cheesy enough with its storylines about past satanic rituals, ghost residents and evil (mwah-hah-hah!) real estate deals, “Last Resort” is a smart, ambitious series with a great, complicated lead character played by Andre Braugher (who’s had no luck with getting TV shows to stick around of late).

Neither series had been a ratings hit, though “Last Resort” has been, for the most part, slowly growing in a very competitive Thursday night at 8pm slot. The show, which jumped between the crew of the USS Colorado as they set up on an island declaring their intentions to clear their name and the turmoil back in D.C., is far from typically episodic in structure and often has the feel of a program that would be more at home on cable.

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“666 Park Avenue,” which stars Terry O’Quinn, Vanessa Williams and Rachael Taylor, has done less well on Sunday nights at 10pm, and fared poorly with critics from the outset.

There is an upside to this news — ABC plans to continue to air all 13 episodes of both series in order rather than yank them from air, giving the shows a shot at some closure. With six to go in each, there’s still time for “Last Resort” to blow up the world and for “666 Park Avenue” to summon Gozer the Gozerian. On Twitter, Shawn Ryan promises of “Last Resort” that “We’re going to give you no-holds barred kick-ass ending.”

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Might want to check the name of the show in your headline. And what is up with the spam postings. Can't someone remove them?


Heh… Last REPORT. Stupid.


sucks for Last Resort, it has had some damn fine moments, but 666… oh heck, that was begging to be cancelled. John Locke's wife can't act worth a damn. TOQ deserves an award for being able to get through his lines on a weekly basis without having a meltdown and going on a rampage slaughtering everything in his path, unless he did and I missed it…


Well that sucks to hear Last Resort was cancelled! I actually enjoyed what I was watching with that, so they better make the ending one I'll never forget! 666 Park Avenue on the other hand is something I actually never starting watching, so I really have no opinion on that show being cancelled. I do have some coworkers of mine at DISH who enjoy that show though, so I'm sure they'll be pretty disappointed to hear this news. I think my husband's been archiving the 666 park Avenue recordings my DISH Hopper has been recording with it's PrimeTime Anytime feature, so maybe I'll check it out before it ends for good. I’ll be able to use Auto Hop on the show to watch commercial free, so I’ll get through it in no time. Thanks for sharing! :)


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