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Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Vengeance: New Poster For ‘Django Unchained’; 3-Hour Runtime Rumored

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Vengeance: New Poster For 'Django Unchained'; 3-Hour Runtime Rumored

With just over a month to go until it hits theaters, Quentin Tarantino‘s western/slavery drama “Django Unchained” is beginning to ride in over the horizon, and a new poster has dropped today along with a couple interesting tidbits about the film.

Buzzing around the interwebs for the past week, the movie has had its first screening for specially selected folks on the Sony Studios lot, and according to at least one person who saw it, the movie runs about three hours long. Of course, this is all secondhand and who knows if Tarantino will be cutting it down for theaters or not, but given that the leaked script ran over 160 pages long (though it was rewritten), it seems everything was at least shot. Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx hopes the movie will educate and entertain. EDUTAINMENT!

“This actually gives us an opportunity to entertain and to educate people that are wondering what slavery is about,” Foxx told the LA Times. “Young kids, black and white, but especially black kids, they don’t know about slavery today. So before the movie comes out, I hope we can talk about what happened in this country. I think we are grown enough to do it now.”

Finally, if you’re wondering about Oscar buzz, it seems Christoph Waltz is one to watch. According to an “insider” speaking to showbiz awards site Gold Derby: “Christoph Waltz’s performance is so amazing in ‘Django Unchained’ that it towers over the whole movie. We’re moving him up to the lead Oscar race.”

Promising indeed. “Django Unchained” gets…unchained on Christmas Day. Poster below from Yahoo.

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"Young kids, black and white, but especially black kids, they don't know about slavery today…" Any parent expecting or hoping for Quentin Tarantino (or Jamie Foxx) to educate the children in their care should have those children removed.


Can't wait….


I've been saying Walt is gonna steal this all along while others have been saying DiCaprio will. Don't get me wrong, Leo looks good, but the way Walt says ever line of his in the trailers is perfection. Too bad he already won an Oscar for Basterds. No way he will get another one.


I didn't know Michael Parks was in it. Awesome!

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