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‘MacGyver’ Movie Moves Forward With ‘Insidious’ & ‘Saw’ Helmer James Wan To Direct

'MacGyver' Movie Moves Forward With 'Insidious' & 'Saw' Helmer James Wan To Direct

Well, Aunt Patty and Aunt Selma are going to be thrilled. While it might seem new, a movie about “MacGyver” has been brewing for years (at one point, the show’s creator tried to sue to stop the release of “MacGruber“) and it’s now kicking back to life.

Variety reports that New Line is so jazzed about “Insidious” and “Saw” director James Wan‘s upcoming “The Conjuring,” they’ve given him the keys to the TV property for a feature-length treatment. And that’s really the whole of the news at this point. It’s not clear if the 62-year-old Richard Dean Anderson will reprise his role (we don’t see that happening, but a supporting or cameo turn, sure) or what the tone of the movie will be. There is a script by Jason Richman (“Swing Vote,” “Bangkok Dangerous“) that was recently given a once over by Brian and Mark Gunn (“Bring It On Again,” “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island“) so, uh, yeah.

If you’re too young to remember, the show chronicled the weekly adventures of the titular hero, who caught the bad guys and got out of dangerous situations usually thanks to whatever was lying around (string, gum, etc.) but never with guns. Of course, Will Forte created the spoof character MacGruber who migrated from a series of awesomely absurd shot skits on “Saturday Night Live” to a full-length feature. We can’t imagine taking the character seriously again, though who knows, maybe it’ll work. Or perhaps, they’ll wisely go the “Starsky & Hutch,” full tongue-in-cheek route.

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Alan Wright

I'd suggest they build off the storyline of MacGyver's son from the TV movie, and that they go dark – very dark- essentially turning Macgyver into a vigilante or mercenary (whichever) as needed per the mission. But, unlike Murdoc the assassin he can be a mercenary for the good guys.

Since Macgyver is but an action-hero Sherlock Holmes, and Murdoc his sometimes Moriarty, it's easy to imagine Macgyver as a freelance problem solver just as in the new BBC series Sherlock is a free-lance detective.


Please say not to the "tongue-in-cheek route". There is nothing wise in that … at all.


I loved the reruns of this show when I was a kid. But with the "talent" involved so far I don't have high hopes for this movie. :(


This is still and always will be my favorite TV Show of all time. I was 7 years old when MacGyver premired and I never missed an episode (or movie). I can't see anyone else but RDA playing Mac, but if it has to be, it better be someone good and convincing!


James Wan perfect choice for director. First season of tv show was more serious than subsequent ones. Mac didn't always work for the Phoenix Foundation. Who else remembers the late Dana Elcar as chain- smoking analyst for the DSX (I think it was called) before he became MacGyver's boss at the Phoenix Foundation? Daniel Craig has proven that characters can be reinvented and very successfully. It's all in the casting. Gotta get it right.


It's about time! Why not a reboot featuring grandson of original MacGyver and having Richard Dean Anderson reprising his role as mentor. Follows original storyline perfectly. Lots of fans out there who would love to see it.

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