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Meet The Winner Of Round 5 Of The Shadow & Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase…

Meet The Winner Of Round 5 Of The Shadow & Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase...

A Day In The Life, directed by Matthew Jenifer, professionally known as Sah, is the winner of the fifth and final qualifying round of Season 1 of the Shadow and Act Digital Filmmaker Showcase.

Sah plays himself in the film, an independent recording artist struggling to reach a creative breakthrough in order to finish his album.

Rounding out the top three, which garnered close to 90% of the vote, are Cole Wiley’s Quietly and Mykwain Gainey’s popular Loose Change.

Sah joins the 4 other winners of qualifying rounds, James Bland, Dominique Deleon, Will Raee and Eric Haywood to compete for the $4,000 grand prize in the season finale.

The start date of the finale will be announced shortly.

About Matthew “Sah”Jenifer:

Matthew “Sah” Jenifer is a 27-year old romantic from Newark, NJ. Since his first steps in front of DC congregations to the New York stage with interactive theatre troupe “Playing with Reality” – he’s been carefully perfecting his crafts and creating worlds of his own from scratch.

A studio-rat at heart, for the majority of his career, Sah has worked in obscurity – relatively unknown beyond his bedroom door. In recent years, word and downloads of his works have spread as far as Europe and number in the thousands. After leaving his job in 2011, his most recent release (self-produced joint- album and film: ART FEAR & LOATHING) caught the eye of numerous blogs and industry professionals. Self trained in several instruments and studio machinery, Sah is the definition of versatile, as showcased on pieces like WET.PLUG.TRIP’s infectious “New Shoes Song” and his latest single “Unfinished Business”.

Now performing regularly with PWR, orchestrating a live show, preparing an imprint launch, documentary and more than a few collaborative releases, Sah has “those in the know” on the edge of their seats- ready for the world to catch on. Whether the sounds hit you or the visuals keep you – with profound quality and dynamic presence, Sah will give anyone a reason to stay tuned.

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SistahFairy Diva

Sah is a "Beast", his talent is totally versatile. He is capable of taking all of your senses into a completely opposite direction. I look forward to any future projects.


Troy Poet Lewis

Word!!!! This is a DOPE FILM……Keep it going Sah…#SALUTE


Congratulations!! Very Nice Work! Its on my list as timeless!!


Paris Blues meet's Shadows i get that…NICE..;-)!

Misutura Alebiosu

Congrats Sah! The recognition and place was much deserved. There are more stories and work in you for an awaiting audience to receive. Keep up the amazing work and the best of luck.


bohdi this is fresh congratz!

Nicky-Al Peerdeman

Very much deserved! This is excellent work. Keep at it bro. Keep at it. God knows. It can ONLY get greater from here on. ;)


Congratulations! This film is a familiar depiction of what many creatives go through and definitely resonated with me. Good luck in the final round!

Big H

Congrats Sah! Keep up the good work. Couldn't be prouder!

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