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New ‘Jack Reacher’ Featurette Makes Comparison To James Bond & Jason Bourne, Violence Cut For U.K. Release

New 'Jack Reacher' Featurette Makes Comparison To James Bond & Jason Bourne, Violence Cut For U.K. Release

Jack Reacher” is coming, and the millions of fans of the excellent book series around the world are both eager and perhaps a bit wary about Tom Cruise stepping into the lead role of the bruising ex-military investigator turned drifter. There has been lots of concern about the actor not being the right physical build of Reacher, but for author Lee Child, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

A new featurette has landed for the film, and for those who are unfamiliar with the character, the marketing department invokes the names of James Bond and Jason Bourne, which isn’t entirely accurate, but at least puts the movie in a relatable ballpark (Reacher is more the latter than the former). And for those of you paying attention, there is some new footage within the brief promo segment as well, so it’s worth a quick look. But the movie’s grittiness has seen it run afoul of censors overseas.

The always fussy British Board of Film Classification were ready to give the movie a 15 rating thanks to a couple of particularly violent scenes, but Paramount has gone ahead and snipped them out of the movie, to accomodate a more wide reaching 12A rating. So it’ll be slightly less ‘Reacher’ for those in the U.K., but we suppose it’ll all be reinstated on the DVD in about six months time anyway, so probably not a big deal. “Jack Reacher” goes full throttle on December 21st. [Yahoo/Entertainmentwise]

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I will never spend money on this garbage. Lee Child's sold out his creation and greatest character – to an ego hungry midget. Tom Cruise needs to play characters within his reach not ones meant for different actors to perform. He was never meant to play Jack Reacher. This whole thing is a total joke and I for one will not pay money to see Cruise's new comedy.


Tom Cruise – Please – Give me a break! I will never see any film that he is in again! A ROOM TEMPERATURE IQ IDIOT SCIENTOLOGIST!!!!!!! He would of been perfect for a role in the new HOBBIT movie. Give it a rest TOM – YOU ARE DONE!


This is actually getting good reviews. Empire magazine gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I do admit the marketing for the film has been horrible, especially in the tone division, but here's hoping the film is better than that.

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