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New ‘Oz The Great & Powerful’ Poster Apparently Created By 14-Year-Old On DeviantArt

New 'Oz The Great & Powerful' Poster Apparently Created By 14-Year-Old On DeviantArt

If the “World War Zteaser poster was perhaps the low point of studio laziness, then this new one sheet for “Oz The Great And Powerful” is what happens when a marketing department has no idea what they’re selling. Or they consult someone on DeviantArt to do some graphic design work for them. Because seriously, WTF.

Utilizing the let’s-put-everything-on-here approach, this poster for Sam Raimi‘s upcoming blockbuster is a ghastly mess. Where Disney and Andrew Stanton were blamed for not really explaining to audiences who “John Carter” is or where he goes and kind of just assuming that audiences will be curious, this takes the opposite tack. Flying monkeys, strange creatures, a hot air balloon and a dwarf are all thrown on here, with the hopes that by osmosis, ticket buyers will be interested. Hey guys, here’s an idea: your movie stars James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams…maybe put on them prominently on the poster?

Are we looking at the next Disney flop? “Oz The Great And Powerful” opens on March 8th. [Yahoo]

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Ian Hitt

That's pretty harsh to say about a piece of art that a 14 year old made. It's very well done for someone so young and I think he will be a great artist later in life, because right now he probably doesn't know the first thing about layout or advertisement. You are rating it like a professional critic would rate a professional artist. Give him more credit, even if it doesn't accurately represent what the movie is. I mean, could you do something like this when you were 14? I think it was stupid to leave the task with a 14 year old though…


How can you say this is a bad piece of art? its not super realism: it has the stylism of a particular artist, so what if you don't think that the perspective is off… I love it

and as to the quality of the movie that it represents… all I will say is that critics said that Star Wars was going to be a flop when it first came out.

Jason Dokos

It's more the fact that the composition is horrid and was slopped together. Distance isn't even shown at all other than you KNOW the Emerald City is far away.

"In art, especially painting, aerial perspective refers to the technique of creating an illusion of depth by depicting distant objects as paler, less detailed, and usually bluer than near objects.
(One caution: in common speech, the words perspective and viewpoint tend to be used interchangeably; however, in art, aerial perspective does not imply an aerial viewpoint, such as that forming the basis of the aerial landscape genre. The example by Frans Koppelaar pictured here shows the difference. This landscape is a good example of aerial perspective; however, it is not an aerial landscape, since the observer is apparently standing on the ground.)"


Peanut Butter.


I love how people tend to bicker over how there's nothing original out there and then bash everything with a new concept behind it.
I'm pretty sure there are other panels to this. But, maybe the point of showing none of the main characters was to show THE WORLD ITSELF AND NOT THE PRETTY FACES THEY PUT IN IT? (*Gasp* What a novel concept!)

I also love the fact that all of the people who agree with this shortsighted person only reply with butthurt to the people who actually have something nice to say.

And yes, there are some amazing 14 year olds on DA.


On a side note, there are some pretty amazing 14 year olds on DA.


Whoever wrote this: You. Are. An. ASS!!! I mean, seriously?!? This is already an amazing piece for a movie that's more than BOUND to be a major success! If you honestly can't see that much, then you're not fit to look at ANY piece of art, especially from the good folks who pour their heart and soul into their work on deviantArt! Good DAY to you, motherfucker!


A tad harsh… I think the poster looks great, it's hardly a "ghastly mess".


The reviewer seems unaware that this is one panel from a larger landscape poster. The stars actually do figure front and center in the complete work. As for the Wonderland comparison, how would you expect Oz to look, drab & colorless?

Great Scott!

Eh, this poster is obviously for the UK ("cinemas"). What do you expect, they're a bit daffy over there…


I'll be buying a ticket to see this movie! It looks Great! As for YOUR Opinion…Win, Win will We ALL just STOP?…Stop Fighting & Stirring up Negativity….What are we Not Fighting Enough for you? If you want & Need to Fight go over Seas & Join 1 or more of Many Wars we already fighting. Or go Work for Fox News, They Love to Pick on People, Movies, & all Kinds of Happiness. Maybe you'll get Lucky & Dec.21, 2012 Really Will be our end! & therefore you won't ever have to see this movie! Sign me, thurston4more Happiness!


I was underwhelmed at the trailer as well. It looks like another Alice in Wonderland style cinematic abortion. The changing of aspect ratios and from B&W to color was kinda cool though.


It does look a bit similar to "Alice in Wonderland" but it's still beautiful! at least it's not gloomy or morbid looking. China Girl looks so pretty!


"has no idea what they're selling", this poster is awesome (in fact all their posters have been outstanding to date concerning this movie) and clearly explains what to look forward too regarding Oz: The Great and Powerful. Now if you happen to be an idiot with an IQ of about 7, then you create a title headline like yours and the joke to compare it to John Carter is shocking (everyone knows Oz history, not everyone knew the history regarding background to John Carter because the marketing).

Even though, I enjoyed John Carter and the media had a witch hunt for John Carter movie to fail (well before it even came out), don't even think about undertaking this same format with OZ.

It WILL be truly successful no matter how much you media folks try. It's also been established that when it comes to James Franco and any attachment he has with a particular movie you attack. We must try and protect Ryan Gosling and such other stars you like….

Again, to break it down, the history of Oz has been established in society for over 100 years and has a strong following especially with the classic success of Wizard of Oz. However, with this being a prequel (which is being talked about heavily on facebook/twitter in a positive light as in looking forward) you still get the feeling and excitement to come just by this poster.

Especially, since it answers the fan boys/girls questions will there be flying monkeys that are frightening i.e. how many types, drawfs, something that has never been recognized in the previous OZ movies china doll people etc. The first teaser trailer gave some hints but this particular poster showcases more and all for the better.

Also, the official trailer hasn't dropped online yet but already from this poster, I have a feeling this movie will be epic and possible classic in itself. So yes, the poster doesn't look to me childish but something, I would gladly put up on my wall. Can't wait for next year – NO you're not looking at the next Disney flop but you might need a eye test. It will be a monster HIT.


Wow. A clueless moron. Some of the best damn new artists around are doing work diplayed at deviantart. While not limited to photorealistic graphics, most of the artists there are doing cutting edge stuff. In short, you're an ass, with an emphasis on the 'ss'.

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