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Nicole Beharie Directed By Kahlil Joseph, In A Film Shot By Malik Sayeed & Scored By Flying Lotus

Nicole Beharie Directed By Kahlil Joseph, In A Film Shot By Malik Sayeed & Scored By Flying Lotus

Those 4 names attached to any project, on any given day should immediately excite – even if it’s what’s essentially a 12-minute ad for the companies that sponsored it.

Some back story in short… Four scripts and four rising, visionary filmmakers were chosen for the Intel Corporation and W Hotels “Four Stories” film series; each was filmed on location at W Hotels around the globe – all part of the Ultrabook Experience program; The films debut tonight at a private screening at W London – Leicester Square, followed by a premiere at W Los Angeles – Westwood on December 4 and a premiere at W Hong Kong on December 14; or you can just view them all at

One of the four shorts, titled The Mirror Between Us, was directed by the uber-talented Kahlil Joseph (we’ve featured some of his short work on this site previously), stars Nicole Beharie (I’m sure you know who she is), was shot by the man with the incredble eye Malik Hassan Sayeed (he shot several Spike Lee joints, post his Ernest Dickerson collabs, and was a second unit director of photography on Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and Andrew Niccol’s Gattaca; he also shot Hype Williams’ Belly, for which he was nominated for an IFP award), and finally scored by the inimitable Flying Lotus.

The 12-minute short film co-stars Dan’ee Doty – a  model who has been featured in campaigns for companies like Maybelline and The Gap. The Mirror Between Us marks her debut acting performance in film.

Two young women embark on a dream-like adventure through the islands of the Maldives after an event turned both their worlds upside down.

Without further ado, watch the film below:

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allison was never there….

lil nut

all yall naysayers are sleep at the wheel. kahlil joseph is a top rate artist who meditates on cinematic dream-states and a free flowing style. peep his catalog. shit is brilliant! suspend your egg heads for a sec and watch again!


Nicole Beharie is sexy as hell, but the production value and story of this short was very poor.


Can someone explain to me what I was to take from that?


Nice work.

the black police

What the fuck was the point of that?


I saw this yesterday on the Intel site. I thought the short was beautifully shot. The acting wasn't the best but who cares…the images were breathtaking, the actresses striking, you don't need tour de force performances when you have the Maldives (the most important character). In any case, it was a superior film to that one with the luchador and the Napoleon Dynamite lookalike (lol).

Clayton Broomes Jr

Good to see Malik still doing his thing. He taught me a lot about basic cinematography when I started out as this young, naive kid back in 1998 — was willing to give me recommendations even though he didn't know me all too well at the time. Always took time to answer my questions, even the dumbest of questions. If only it was still like this, when the established African-Americans really took time to guide the novices of their community in the right direction. Those days are gone forever. Much appreciated, Malik.


Malik created some beautiful images. Dan'ee is an exquisitely beautiful prop. Nicole Beharie should get a shot at starring in a thriller.

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