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Oprah May Bring An End To ‘O’ Magazine

Oprah May Bring An End To 'O' Magazine

Despite the fact that it’s still one of the best selling magazines in the country, Oprah Winfrey, yesterday, during the magazine’s annual conference, announced that she might stop publishing O Magazine.

She revealed that the publication has been badly hit by drops in circulation and ad sales, and that she might stop publishing it, or perhaps, following Newsweek’s recent example, switch to an all-digital version of the magazine.

As she was quoted: “Im not interested, you know, in bleeding money.

Though the magazine still gets a sizeable readership, Winfrey is concerned that the audience mainly skews older – the median age being 49 years old – and that she wants to attract younger readers, say, compared to Vogue, whose readership averages around 35 years old.

As she said, she wants “women in their 30’s or perhaps their 20’s, to be able to reach out to people when they are looking to fulfill their destiny. By the time you’re 40, 42, you should have figured it out already.

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I heard that the magazine circulation actually dropped less than expected. I have also heard that the magazine is still doing very well relative to its peers. If she wants to relaunch the magazine, she should hire someone (like me :) ) in the age group that she wants to target. She probably is tired of having to be on the cover every month. A change in format would allow her to cast up and comping models of all ethnicities. It could work if she does it right.

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