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Patton Oswalt Has Some Pretty Awesome Wesley Snipes Stories From ‘Blade: Trinity’

Patton Oswalt Has Some Pretty Awesome Wesley Snipes Stories From 'Blade: Trinity'

The AV Club’s Random Roles feature is always a good read, but leave it Patton Oswalt to serve up one of the best anecdotes about shooting a movie in recent memory. Nearly a decade ago, the actor found himself with a role in “Blade: Trinity” and the franchise star Wesley Snipes was in rare form. Not only does Oswalt confirm that Snipes pulled a Daniel Day-Lewis and was in character for the entire shoot — “When I met him I was like, ‘Hi!’ And he was like, ‘I’m Blade.’ — he also apparently tried to choke out director David Goyer, smoked a ton of weed and…well, just read on:

Oh, Christ. That was the third Blade movie. And there’s a scene where Blade goes in and confronts this guy for harvesting humans. That scene was supposed to be the whole basis of the film. Blade is fighting for the last shred of humanity. But they thought that it was just so fucking grim, so they decided to just have Blade fighting Dracula. It was just one of those; it was a very troubled production. Wesley [Snipes] was just fucking crazy in a hilarious way. He wouldn’t come out of his trailer, and he would smoke weed all day. Which is fine with me, because I had all these DVDs that I wanted to catch up on. We were in Vancouver, and it was always raining. I kept the door to my trailer open to smell the evening rain while I was watching a movie. Then I remember one day on the set—they let everyone pick their own clothes—there was one black actor who was also kind of a club kid. And he wore this shirt with the word “Garbage” on it in big stylish letters. It was his shirt. And Wesley came down to the set, which he only did for close-ups. Everything else was done by his stand-in. I only did one scene with him. But he comes on and goes, “There’s only one other black guy in the movie, and you make him wear a shirt that says ‘Garbage?’ You racist motherfucker!”

And he tried to strangle the director, David Goyer. So later that night, Ron Perlman was in the city. Everyone who makes movies in Vancouver stays in the same hotel. It’s like an episode of The Love Boat. Every time the elevator stops, you’ve got a different celebrity getting on. Like, [announcer voice] “Hey, now we’ve got Danny Glover!” So we went out that night to some strip club, and we were all drinking. And there were a bunch of bikers there, so David says to them, “I’ll pay for all your drinks if you show up to set tomorrow and pretend to be my security.” Wesley freaked out and went back to his trailer. [Laughs.] And the next day, Wesley sat down with David and was like, “I think you need to quit. You’re detrimental to this movie.” And David was like, “Why don’t you quit? We’ve got all your close-ups, and we could shoot the rest with your stand-in.” And that freaked Wesley out so much that, for the rest of the production, he would only communicate with the director through Post-it notes. And he would sign each Post-it note “From Blade.” [Laughs.]

Awesome. Be sure to read the whole thing over at AV Club and for the bonus round: the Commentary Tracks Of The Damned feature from the movie as well, which is equally rad.

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"Are you a rapper? Or a scientist..?"

*Puts on Ray-Bans*

*Smoke-bomb exit*


What is awesome about using drugs and slacking off at work and assaulting people and insubordination? Those are things that a 14-year-old would find "awesome." That or a liberal.


@ Daniel, EXACTLY. I Bursted out with laughter. The 90's Wesley Snipes was the first thing that sprung to mind when I read the racist line. I was in tears. Hilarious.


Anybody else laugh so hard? Boy I need that.

laugh lines:
1. "From Blade"
2. Strangling Goyer? lol, wanted to do that after seeing TDKR
3. "You racist motherfucker!" picture Jungle Fever-era Snipes saying this lol
4. "From Blade."


From literally the first shot of the first Blade 3 trailer I could see this was going to be cheap looking garbage. Goyer's awesome but it shouldn't have been his first directing job. The script was an embarassment too. And now Snipes was off his rocker it sounds like. Maybe for good reason almost.


You mean an actor stoned to the point of semi-psychosis being detrimental to an already poor movie? Shocking.

And to Donatella: Snipes' part wasn't reduced because of racism – it was because his capability to do his actual job was hampered by his own behaviour – self-inflicted segregation. He managed to downsize his own franchise.


I believe Trinity suffered as a result of the tension between Wesley Snipes and David Goyer, and so became the worse in the series–in fact, it buried the series. It became very apparent viewing the film and then later interviews surrounding the production that Goyer used his creative authority over the film's storyline and production to punish Snipes. However, Goyer's decision to diminish the role of Blade (done from spite) in order to place more emphasis on the Nightstalkers (Ryan Reynolds & Jessica Biel) is a case of letting the personal get in the way of the professional. While the first Blade had an exciting multi-racial cast, Blade III (and likely Snipes) suffered from the overwhelming racial homogenization that Patton Oswalt found so amusing and insignificant.


i think Goyer yet has confirmed the filming was a nightmare

John X

Bwhaha @ Wesley Snipes trolling hollywood.

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