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Project of the Day: Two Sisters Explore Their Past in ‘American Commune’

Project of the Day: Two Sisters Explore Their Past in 'American Commune'

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“American Commune”

Tweetable Logline:

The true story of America’s largest commune and two sisters’ journey to revisit their past

Elevator Pitch:

In 1970, 300 hippies founded a commune in the backwoods of Tennessee and set out to change the world. They shared everything, grew their own food, delivered babies at home and succeeded in building a self-sufficient society. By 1980, The Farm had 1,500 members and hosted 10,000 visitors a year. The socialist experiment sowed the seeds for many of today’s most progressive movements, including organic farming, natural birth, vegetarianism, and solar power. We are filmmakers and sisters who were born on the The Farm. This is our story.

Production Team:

Directors: Rena Mundo Croshere, Nadine Mundo (“The Real L Word”, “Chelsea Settles”)

Editor: Michael Levine (“Restrepo”, “My Kid Could Paint That”, “The Cruise”)

About the Production:

“The story of our commune is an important and untold piece of American history. The impetus for making “American Commune” was born out of our desire to understand where we came from. We needed to learn about what our parents were doing in the backwoods of Tennessee and how they, along with hundreds of others, managed to create a massive alternative society out of no more than passion and an empty spot of land. As we interviewed The Farm’s founders, our parents, and our childhood friends, we developed a greater respect for how hard everyone worked to realize their dream.” — Nadine Mundo

Current Status:


For more information and to support this project:

Kickstarter Page
Film Website



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Rebecca Maligno

I would love to see this film! It's been a long time in the making & they've worked hard. As someone who was born on The Farm, I think it's awesome that Rena & Nadine have shed light on our unconventional upbringings in a thoughtful way.

Nell Hergenrather

I want to see it, really…can't wait!


I would love to see the whole movie! It seems to be a very interesting and amazing way to be brought up.

Sonia Nordenson

I've been a longtime fan of the Farm—ever since I worked at The Mother Earth News in Western North Carolina in the mid-70s. We used to print excerpts from Farm books, and eventually I got to visit Summerville and see the place for myself. I was very favorably impressed, and so today I'm a Kickstarter supporter of this film.

Ruth Ann Harnisch

I can't wait for this film – I'm a Kickstarter backer. I was a journalist in Nashville when The Farm was established in Summertown. I had an outsider's perspective for many years and am eager to see what it looked like from the inside. Please join me in voting for this film, and supporting it on Kickstarter!

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