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Rumor: Matthew Vaughn To Direct ‘Star Wars: Episode 7’

Rumor: Matthew Vaughn To Direct 'Star Wars: Episode 7'

…and so it begins. Here comes the first real rumor about who might direct the highly anticipated “Star Wars: Episode 7,” and it’s a name that fanboys will no doubt get behind.

The folks over at Collider are reporting that through their sources, they’re hearing that “X-Men: First Class” and “Kick-Ass” director Matthew Vaughn will helm the upcoming sequel. It is interesting to note that Vaughn suddenly dropped out of directingX-Men: Days Of Future Past” (due in 2014) just five days before Disney announced the acquisition of Lucasfilm, and revealed that a new trilogy was on the way. Could this be the reason Vaughn bailed on the comic heroes?

And while George Lucas is said to have delivered full treatments for the next three chapters (considering he’s been talking about this for at least three decades, we’d expect nothing less) he also met with screenwriters before the sale to Disney. One of Vaughn’s frequent collaborators is Jane Goldman — could they have sat down with Lucas and convinced him they can do justice to the stories he’s mapped out? Granted, he has said he will not be helping to choose the directors, but undoubtedly if he has a suggestion, folks are going to listen. But again, it’s all conjecture at this point, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Collider tends to vet this stuff out, but in this case it’s not a shock they couldn’t find official confirmation, so we’ll have to see how it plays. But does Vaughn work for you as the ‘Episode 7’ helmer? 

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And to any one who says Spielberg has not directed a good film in years, they have obviously not seen TIN TIN and WAR HORSE they are great films. And two films he has produced recently are Supper 8 and Cowboys And Aliens they are both real good fun action films. I will also point out that IMHO Indiana Jones 4 was a great popcorn flick right up there with temple of doom and last crusade and I think that it's box office gross of $ 317, 575, 550 proves that most of America agrees with me about Indiana Jones 4 was a great fun popcorn flick right up there with the last 2 indy films that came before it…..


X Men First Class is an ok film but not a great film and I have never seen Kick-Ass. My three picks to direct are Brad Bird, Joe Johnston or JJ Abrams My real favorite would be Spielberg but I dont see that hapening….


NOPE. In my mind Duncan Jones only.


god no, everyone but this fucking guy. kick ass was absolutely terrible, and so was first class, he shoots like the third best guy at film school.


I'm not sure why this is the first rumor to qualify as 'real.' I think Vaughn would be a decent choice and that his style is fairly close to the heart of Star Wars. Despite this, Brad Bird is both a superior choice and more likely, considering Disney's whole '1952' thing.


Edgar Wright and/or Steven Moffat for the script, please. Duncan Jones for director.
Make it so.


How about Zemeckis, can handle big budgets and may have just recently got on studios' good graces with 'Flight' this past weekend. He has more of a style and taste than Vaughn but can also stretch to fill any genre. Now who wants to rip this apart??


Oh god, please no. This guy is awful.


I'm pretty concerned for all of these people who are totally disregarding Vaughn as a competent director. If I remember correctly, Layer Cake is what got Daniel Craig cast as Bond and definitely had some originality to it. As for saying Michael Bay would be a better choice over Vaughn, are you fucking kidding? X-Men First Class was leaps and bounds better than all of Bay's films combined. Vaughn is definitely an inspired choice, versus unmemorable fanboy directors, such as Guillermo Del Toro or Peter Jackson. Did we forget the incredibly lackluster Hell Boy movies or The Lovely Bones?


don't worry if he ends up being the director cause he'll just back out at the last moment.


I'm going to throw this in extremely doubtful.

Vaughn's known to create issues on set. X-Men First Class did well, but it was severely off schedule / over budget and went through multiple on-set producers, ADs, and DPs. He butted heads w/ Fox to the point that he couldn't handle the schedule of X2 w/ its deadline.

Kathleen Kennedy is a ballbuster on that stuff. Guessing whoever is directing Star Wars has known about this deal for months, not days/weeks.


When did we start pretending that this guy is talented and good? I've always thought of him as on par with guys like Marc Forster. Sure, their movies look good, and sure, they sometimes get solid reviews, but, honestly, where they ever really good?

Ur mom

He's great director!! If it's not true, then they better find another great director.


X-Men: First Class. Yes.
he was also rushed on a production that turned into an outstanding film.


"First Class" is a solid superhero flick, but "Kick Ass" is one of my least favorite movies. Really putrid.


We're screwed. He was by far the least interesting filmmaker on that rumored shortlist. Ugh.


if disney knew what was good for them they would hold an election for fans to vote on the next director. which is absurd I know… I guess this is just a lose-lose all around. I for one will completely ignore any star wars movie directed by matthew vaughn, the same way I ignore any other movie directed by him


It's all over.


Aside from the fact that Vaughn isn't a remotely interesting director and is basically a slightly more palatable version of Brett Ratner, great choice.


NOOOOOOOOOOO! Please for the love of the series not this hack, please. I'd rather have Bay than have Vaughn.


wow this would be the most truly bone-headed star wars decision since jarjar. vaughn is a terrible terrible terrible filmmaker.

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