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Rumors From Tatooine: Colin Trevorrow Linked To ‘Star Wars 7,’ Carrie Fisher Would Be Interested To Return

Rumors From Tatooine: Colin Trevorrow Linked To 'Star Wars 7,' Carrie Fisher Would Be Interested To Return

President Barack Obama has been re-elected, so now we can get back to worrying about “Star Wars: Episode 7.” A few new rumors and bits of news are surfacing today, so we’ll just put ’em all in one place…

First up, with Matthew Vaughn breaking out on the rumor list of those who might direct the highly anticipated sequel, another not immediately obvious name has joined the list of potential contenders for involvement: “Safety Not Guaranteed” director Colin Trevorrow.  The word comes from Celebuzz (via HeyUGuys) who say George Lucas himself was a big fan of ‘Guaranteed,’ a charming picture that married sci-fi elements with lots of humor and heart. Trevorrow and Lucas apparently met a few months ago to discuss the project, with the former apparently “on the list of potential names that could shepherd a new trilogy of films.” We reached out to the helmer about this percolating rumor, and he told us simply: “No comment.”

It should be noted that Trevorrow is also a successful screenwriter, having sold a number of scripts to studios, including the sci-fi tinged “World War X” and “Tester” which both are much bigger in scope than his feature directorial debut. And it’s already known Lucas met with a number of screenwriters before the Lucasfilm sale, so was Trevorrow one of them? It seems feasible, but as always, we’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, with Harrison Ford cautiously not yet turning down ‘Episode 7,’ Carrie Fisher is a bit more upbeat about potentially playing Princess Leia again. “Yes, sure,” she said when asked by TMZ (via DigitalSpy) if she would take a role in the sequel. “Wouldn’t you?” So combine that with the previous reports that Lucas met with her and Mark Hamill before the Lucasfilm sale to Disney, and make of it what you will.


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Tom Quinn

This would be an awesome pairing. Trevorrow did a nice job balancing story with fx on a low budget and, given the resources and support, could take that to the next level. I think this has a lot of potential.

Fingers crossed.


Are they trying to find bad directors on purpose? Why not take a risk and give it to a young director that already has a relatively good track record? Someone like Rian Johnson.


I'm stoked, and all I can say is bring is on, can't wait to camp out for VII,VII and IX


Let the golden bikini return!

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