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Say Hello To Animation Director Lyndon Barrois

Say Hello To Animation Director Lyndon Barrois

So the story goes like this…Two weeks ago, I wrote a piece on Peter Ramsey, the first African-American animation director to direct a major big budget studio animated film – Dreamwork Animation’s The Rise of the Guardians, which is coming out this month (HERE).

I made it clear that, of course, there are many people of color who are working in animation, although we don’t know who most of them are.

But that wasn’t good enough for one commentor who said: “You pass over them because many have assumedly Euro-sounding names. This has been the case in the present and the past. So unless you see a picture, it’s like they don’t exist. They do though.

Of course they exist, as I said so myself in my piece about Ramsey. So I facetiously responded (as is my wont) that either those directors should all change their names to Aftrican names, or maybe to more Urban flavored names like Dontae.

But more seriously, I suggested that those directors should get a good PR rep, or get attention somehow, and make themselves known. I mean, how do we know who they are, if they don’t make themselves visible?

However, one animator who’s a regular reader of S & A, who read that Ramsey piece, reached out to us to make himself known and we’re happy that he did.

He’s New Orleans native Lyndon Barrios and he has mounted quite an extensive career as an animation director, working on many projects such as, The Tree of Life, Sucker Punch, Speed Racer, I Robot, The Martix Revolutions and Reloaded, and several other  films and TV projects.

He’s also written and directed his own award-winning short film, The Lift, which you can find out more about HERE.

And also, he’s even been profiled on The Today Show, a segment you can watch below:

But of course Lyndon isn’t the only one.

As he told me: “You may be surprised at who you find.  People like Peter (Ramsey), myself, Corey Turner, Audria Topps-Harjo, Paul Davies, Andrew Roberts, Greg Anderson, Cabral Rock, Kyle Robinson, Sheiree Jackson, Jamaal Bradley, Andre Taft, LeSean Thomas, Jeremy Stewart, etc., etc… We’ve all worked and continue to work on major motion pictures and television shows and, as you can see, we don’t all have euro-sounding names.”

Granted that’s true, though I didn’t see a Dontae in the bunch.

But it should be no surprise to anyone that there are many unheralded and unsung talented black animation directors out there doing some truly extraordinary work!

We have covered many of them before on S & A, and will continue to do so; and we ask that, if you’re one of them, to reach out to us and let everyone get to know you.

You can find out more about Lyndon right HERE, and, oh yes, there is a amazing reel of his work on previous projects, but due to certain restrictions I am unable to post it here.

However you can see it for yourself at this LINK.

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Susan Rashad

You could at least have spelled his name correctly! Lyndon Barrois! BARROIS


Lyndon is a wonderfully, generous and kind soul who has been a great support to me on my projects. God bless him!!!

Richard Duncan

While I’m not religious, I once read this "To God, all names are his" which I thought was interesting and perhaps the way a creator would view we the created in the corporeal world. As to animation, surely different backgrounds, influences and expression from living in this variable hair, eyes and skin would make for better, more imaginative work.

Joe Doughrity

Thanks for a great story on Black content creators Shadow and Act!

Joe Archie

I love that you've opened this gateway!! Ive been asking about this subject matter for years! Im An African American Composer and it the same Locked Doors!! The fight continues ! if anyone is interested I would love to connect and I dont only do RAP music!! lol.. All genres ..

LeSean Thomas

Love this. Thanks for the shout-out Lyndon! We're all out there as well!

Candace Allen

Loved the link!

Jai Husband

Hey…you asked, so you got it. My name is Jai Anthony-Lewis Husband and I am emeritus Senior Animation Director for Turner Broadcasting, and currently CEO/Creative Director of my own studio, Jairation Joint Productions. My most recent broadcast work premiered on BET a few months ago, Kasha and the Zulu King, a 2D animated feature about an African Prince and his long-lost brother. We are at

Audrea Topps-Harjo

Thanks for the shout out Lyndon. We are most definitely here.

Saxton Moore

I am the CEO of Pixel Pirate Animation Studio and we are a black owned and have animated award winning spots for clients like Nickelodeon, CN, BET, etc. We also produce mobile games. If you're looking for a solid list of African American Animators, there's a nice catalog here on Facebook that I am included in as well called African-American Animators – Past & Present


Thanks to Sergio and Lyndon for this. I was the guy who made the comment quoted above. It's really nice to actually SEE people doing great things. No need to succeed in silence. I hope more folks come forward to share their achievements.


Good job Sergio really enjoyed this. He is very talented and Im going to check out his link.


Side note: Peter, Paul and Greg are pretty Euro sounding names, though. I've got jokes today. LOL Mr. Barrios does amazing work, and I am proud to see that he is in management. Congrats to him


Nice! I love animation and its good know that there is some diversity behind the scenes. This guy is amazing, I watched the Today Show piece and the art he was making out of old gum wrappers was crazy. Now I want to know more about the other he mentioned and some of them did have non-euro sounding names.

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