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Speculation That Lando Calrissian Might Be Rebooted For New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy; How & When Exactly?

Speculation That Lando Calrissian Might Be Rebooted For New 'Star Wars' Trilogy; How & When Exactly?

I need some clairty this Friday morning; specifically from all you Star Wars afficionados.

Since it was announced that a new trilogy of Stars Films (Episode 7, 8, and 9) are in the works, I’ve read articles on several sites suggesting that the next film in the series, Episode 7, could see the return of old favorites like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia and, yes, Lando Calrissian, played by the coolest man on the planet (well, he used to be right?) Billy Dee Williams.

Is this likely, or even possible, given the timeline of events, and the order of the episodes? You tell me…

Some sites have even alredy began fan-casting these roles, if episode 7 reboots the characters, with all-new actors, given that the actors who originally played them are now much older.

For example, E! Online posted a poll asking their readers who should play Lando, with the choices being Antony Mackie, Idris Elba, Jeffrey Wright, or Common; for some reason, they included Kal Penn‘s name on the list.

So, again, how likely is it that Lando will appear in Episode 7 (or 8 or 9)? Does a return make sense given the timeline of  events and the order of episodes themselves? And finally, if there’s a chance that he might be rebooted, how would that happen, and who would you like to see play him?

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Well if Han Luke and leia are returning as in the original cast then billy dee should to. He'd likely have some position in the senate under leia cos he was a bit of a power climber. or not. Anyway as long as the they only play cameo or suporting cast and hand over the reins to the skywalker and solo kids. To be honest I would have preferred this in 99 after the way that turned out but we didn't no George had lost it then


There is a chance a return would make sense. Everything ended well in ROTJ save for the death of old Annie Skywalker and the ruination of the Emperor by flailing purple lightning. I'm sure Llando resumed his position over Cloud City. Or perhaps since the Empire is no longer a threat, maybe he settled down elsewhere, running a mining colony or piano bar or something. I can see him as being godfather of StarWarsian soul to Han Solo's children, one of which will be named after his grandpere, Anakin. If all the old cronies are returning, why not Billy Dee, too? But to cast a different version of Llando? Hmm, who could fit the role? I don't know. I'd rather see a younger version of Llando and Han and their adventures starring Nathan Fillion and James Lesure, perhaps? lol.


It's likely that Billy Dee would return (if he wanted to). The episodes 7- 9 are about the continuation of the Skywalker family(an older Luke and Leia and their children), hence the original cast will be present.

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