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There’s Always Hope: Watch The New Trailer For Roman Coppola’s ‘Charles Swan III’

There's Always Hope: Watch The New Trailer For Roman Coppola's 'Charles Swan III'

Are you ready to tumble down into the mind of Charlie Sheen Charles Swan? Self-obsessed, selfish, a bit of trainwreck…undoubtedly there will be many making the Sheen/Swan connection, but if anything, the first trailer for “A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III” firmly establishes that this is very much a Roman Coppola movie.

Whimsical, fantastical, surreal and odd, the ’70s-set movie follows the titular graphic designer who gets dumped by his girlfriend and goes tumbling into his own fantasy world where it seems he confronts his own flaws and failures. Albeit comically and with Bill Murray dressed as a cowboy (awesome). Overall, we found it to be “a film of surface pleasures, even joys, but those joys seem to be longing for a central idea around which to coalesce” but still, it’s certainly unlike anything we’re likely to see in cinemas. And it’s Coppola’s first film in over a decade since his charming debut “CQ” so we’ll be happy to show it some love.

Co-starring Jason Schwartzman, Aubrey Plaza, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and many more, ‘Charles Swan’ trips out on February 8th. Watch below.

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Seriously?! And nobody even mentions the extremely racist appropriation of Native American culture in the first half of the trailer? I hope all the undoubtedly great actors involved in this feel some kind of remorse for agreeing to be a part of this mess.


looks like it might be fun, though i fear too much of the humor may rest on fear of/hostility to women by men who get laid too much.


This looks… terrible.


This looks… terrible.


This looks great and fun but because Charlie Sheen is on it critics will be seems to be in 'vogue' to trash everything with him..pathetic, as for Coppola son he is as much talented as Wes Anderson (he co-wrote lot's of Anderson screenplays so shut up bitter is silly)


This looks a tad too silly for me.


I want to watch this, seriously!


I dunno, CQ was great, so I’m willing to give this one a shot.


This looks like Wes Anderson without the talent.


cinematography is pretty bad but i see some sexy indian chicks so i might give it a watch after all




I disagree. I think it look aesthetically daring.


This looks awful, and I'm a fan of every single person in this trailer… Especially Aubrey Plaza!

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