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This Picture Of Billy Crystal Getting His Crotch Soaked Says All You Need To Know About The ‘Parental Guidance’ Trailer

This Picture Of Billy Crystal Getting His Crotch Soaked Says All You Need To Know About The 'Parental Guidance' Trailer

Looks like this is the film set to test your patience over the upcoming holiday season. Andy Fickman, whose credits include “She’s The Man,” “The Game Plan” and “Race to Witch Mountain,” directs “Parental Guidance,” which sees Billy Crystal and Bette Midler agreeing to look after their three grandchildren when the kids’ parents have to leave town. Hilarity inevitably ensues when their parenting methods clash with the current child-rearing culture, and when Billy Crystal just generally does his schtick.

The latest trailer for the film has hit, and it’s more of the same. It looks like Billy Crystal’s junk will be in for a rough time, because even in this short preview we see his delicate parts being targeted by a water pistol and a baseball bat. And that’s pretty representative of the humor throughout, but other than that, it’s just Billy Crystal doing the same stuff that we got a chance to see earlier this year at the Oscars (except hopefully with less blackface this time).

You can watch the trailer, which heavily features its target market in old folks and young kids, below. Those aged between 11 and 65 will likely be avoiding this if they can. Having said all that, we did chuckle at a couple of Crystal’s lines, even if the jokes are as old as he is. The film hits theaters on Christmas Day.

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Stephen B

The family comedy smash of 1991!

I can only assume that Mandel/Ganz have drawers full of scripts that Crystal commissioned them to write between 1988 and 1995 and this is one of them.

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